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Are you dreaming washing your clothes with a little or without detergent ?
Do you worry your foods such as vegetables, fruitz fish and meat are with bacteria, germs and insecticides ?

Now , you don't need to worry anymore and achieve your dream just by opening the water tap . It is a sensible way to live healthier.
Using ozone activated water purifier in the laundry and kitchen, you can remove most of the unwanted substances in the water.
1. Water volume indicator
2. Operation indicator
3. ON&OFF button for ozone
4. HI mode for ozone
5. LOW mode for ozone
6..Power button
7. Air dryer indicator
8. Leakage warning indicator
9. Logo

Technical Specification

Ozone concentration : 0.3-0.8 mg/L in water
Water outlet Diameter : 3/4
later Flow : <6 L/min
Water pressure : 0.1 ~0.4Mpa
Ozone generating method : Corona discharge
Input voltage : Input: AC 100-240 V
Output : DC 12V 3A
External power supply : <36W
Operating Temperature : 0° C-45° C
Accessories : adapter; hose; screws; bracket; screwdriver: Instruction Manual
Mounting Type : Wall-mounting with bracket
Size LxWxH : 396mm X 260mm X 73mm
Product Weight  : 2.5 kg/pc
Box Dimension :  470mmx145mmx340mm
Carton Dimension  : 980mmx500mmx360mm/6pcs

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