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Why Does the Water from Water Purifier Have Peculiar Smell?

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Due to the hot climate, we always drink more water in summer, but unhealthy water is harmful to our body. At present, water pollution is very serious and many families choose to install an ozone water purifier for health, but what bothers people is that the filtered water often has a peculiar smell. Here are some reasons for such a problem as follows.



1. Newly Installed Water Purifier


If the water filtered by the newly installed ozone water treatment has a peculiar smell, it is probably because the filter element protection liquid of the water purifier has not been washed completely. In order to eliminate the odor thoroughly, we need to open the drain outlet and faucet after installing the ozone water filter and let it flush for about 15 minutes.



2. Dirty Parts Caused by Long-Term Idle of Water Purifier

If the Ozone generator is not used for a long time, bacteria and fungi will grow in the machine, so the organic fermentation will produce odor when the water purifier is turned on again.



3. The Service Life of Filter Element Has Expired

The filtering function of the filter element will be weakened gradually after the ozone water sterilizer is used for a long time. If the user does not regularly maintain or replace the filter element, the filtered bacteria and plant spores will ferment due to the rising temperature, thus affecting the color and quality of water. Among all the filter elements, the activated carbon filter element is specially used to remove the odor, color, and organic solvents in the water, which is the first part to be replaced.



29-2 Ozone water purifier

4. There Is Water in the Filter Element

If the Ozone best water purifier is not used for a long time, it may also have a peculiar smell because there was water left in the filter element before. To solve this kind of problem, we only need to take out the filter element and clean the water inside.



5. Inferior Water Purifier

The last reason for the odor may be that you have bought a poor or fake water purifier with no filtration and purification function at all, so we must know the method and its brand before purchasing the Ozone best water filter for home. Compared with other brands, professional brand water purifier has more functions and more guaranteed quality.


All in all, we need to remind you that the filter element of the water purifier should be replaced regularly. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance of the water purifier to ensure the normal operation of the ozone kitchen water purifier, which can ensure the effect of water quality. NICOLER has been established for five years, focusing on the development, production, and sales of ozone products, whose main products are ozone water treatment devices that has been exported to many countries such as Europe and the United States.

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