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Why Does the Water Purifier Stop Producing Water?

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We often hear some customers complain that the newly purchased ozone water purifier stops discharging water, here are 6 main reasons.


1. The Power Supply Was Cut Off

The ozone water filter needs to be plugged into work and the machine will completely stop running when the power has been cut off, which also means that the machine will not produce water.



2. There Is No Water or the Water Pressure Is Too Low


When the water pressure is lower than 0.5 kg or 0.05 MPa, the low-voltage switch of the Ozone water disinfectant will automatically shut down and cut off the circuit, resulting in no power supply for the transformer/power supply. Pure water will not be made after the machine stops working.



3. Inlet Ball Valve Closed

The low-pressure switch cannot be opened when the inlet ball valve is closed, so there will be no water.



4. Water Inlet Solenoid Valve Damaged

Water purifier will stop working when the solenoid valve is closed. Therefore, water will not flow into the ozone generator If the solenoid valve is damaged due to some factors.


30-2 Ozone best water purifier

5. The Transformer or Booster Pump Is Broken


The damaged transformer will cause the water inlet valve and pump of Ozone best water purifier not to supply power and cannot discharge water. The main function of the booster pump is to provide pressure to the water source, which can increase the pressure of the water source from 1 ~ 3 kg to 6 ~ 8 kg so that the water can pass through the RO membrane and start to produce pure water. The damage of booster pump of Ozone water sterilizer will lead to the decrease of water pressure entering the RO membrane, the water cannot pass through the RO membrane, and the water cannot be discharged.



6. Low Temperature


The water production rate of the RO membrane is related to temperature, while the maximum temperature is not more than 40 ℃ and the minimum is not less than 5 ℃. Generally speaking, the optimal temperature is 25 ℃, and the water yield will be reduced by 3% for each degree of reduction.



7. Check Valve Blocked


Sometimes check valves can be clogged, so you can take off the check valve of the Ozone best water filter for home to check the water output. It is really blocked if there is a significant change in the water output before and after removal.



8. Blocking of Post Activated Carbon


The blocking of post activated carbon usually occurs after replacing with a new one, because too much carbon powder cannot be dispersed evenly. General granular activated carbon filter of the Ozone kitchen water purifier cannot be too full and need to reserve space for filling. On the one hand, it is the best way to ensure water flow. On the other hand, activated carbon itself has an expansion coefficient.

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