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Why Do Water Purifiers Produce Waste Water?

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How does wastewater come into being? Tap water will form concentrated water during filtration, whose total soluble solids (concentration) is higher than that of direct drinking water.


The working process of reverse osmosis membrane in Ozone water treatment is actually a process of liquid concentration. The salt content and osmotic pressure of water increase continuously when the tap water is filtered by reverse osmosis membrane. Also, water cannot pass through the reverse osmosis membrane and wastewater will be produced when the osmotic pressure increases to the pressure of booster pump.


Due to the increasing concentration of impurities in water, some substances (such as calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, silicon) will deposit on the surface of reverse osmosis membrane and block the pores of filter element. In order to avoid this situation, the machine will have the function of automatically flushing the filter element and the water for flushing the filter element will also be discharged with the waste water. Therefore, most of the reverse osmosis Ozone water purifiers will produce wastewater and the only difference is that the discharge is more or less.



Is Water Purifier Really Not Energy Saving?


In the past, there were many water purifiers with a wastewater ratio of about 1:3, but with the development of technology, most Ozone water filters on the market can control the wastewater ratio at about 1:1, which means that one cup of pure water can discharge one cup or less of wastewater. For example, if your family needs to drink 3L of water a day, it will discharge 3L of waste water, which is not worth mentioning compared with the water we use to bathe, mop the floor, and flush the toilet every day.


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How to Treat the Wastewater from Water Purifier?


The wastewater contains sediment, residual chlorine, bacteria, viruses, and other harmful substances, so the waste water with poor water quality cannot be used for washing dishes, but can be used for daily mopping, which not only saves water resources but also keeps the household environment clean and sanitary. It's a good idea to keep some of the waste water from the Ozone water disinfectant to flush the toilet because toilets need to consume a lot of water. Do you know how to treat the wastewater produced by Ozone generator?


Store water. If you don't want to waste water, put a bucket next to the waste pipe of the Ozone water sterilizer to store the discharged water and it can be poured to other places when the water is full.

Water the flowers. It is also worth mentioning that you can irrigate the green plants in your home with waste water, which can make them grow up after absorbing water.

Mop the floor. Daily mopping can also use the waste water discharged from the Ozone best water purifier, which not only saves water resources but also keeps the household clean and sanitary.


If you are very concerned about the waste water problem of Ozone kitchen water purifier, you can consider purchasing ultrafiltration water purifier, which will not produce waste water.

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