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Which Kind of Water is the Healthiest to Drink?

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People often say that drinking water is good for physical and mental health. I believe many people agree with it, because drinking water can speed up the body's excretion, dilute the blood, and quench thirst. But now there are more and more types of water in the market, such as mineral water, purified water, etc. So which kind of water should we drink?



1. Which Kind of Water Is the Healthiest? ——Cool Boiled Water

Although there are many kinds of water in the market, after some comparisons, people still think that cool boiled water is the best. Because cool boiled water has been boiled at a high temperature, and the bacteria and other substances inside had been killed, and it is safe to drink. Of course, if you have professional water disinfection equipment, such as ozone water treatment devices, that is better. However, it should be noted that cool boiled water should be fresh, and it is best not to drink it if it is left for too long.



2. Do Not Drink the Following 4 Kinds of Water

1) Raw Water

Many people choose to drink tap water directly in summer. However, raw water is quite dangerous, because it is chlorinated and sterilized before being discharged from the water plant. If the water is not heated at high temperature, it may cause poisoning. Drinking water is to maintain health, but drinking this kind of water hurts the body.

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2) Bottled Water

Many people think that bottled water is more hygienic than the regular water. After all, we paid money for it. But drinking bottled water is actually not as good as drinking cold boiled water. Because bottled water is processed by a multi-process purification system compared to cool boiled water, which will filter out some minerals and some trace elements, before the water is bumped into the bottle. From the packaging, it is unsanitary. In addition, we can not know whether the water purification process is qualified.


3) The Water Boiled for Several Times

Although boiled water is the healthiest, if it is boiled for too long or left for too long, it is not good for your health to drink it.


4) The Aging Water is Not As Good As the Cool Boiled Water

Aging water is commonly known as "dead water", which refers to water that has been stored for a long time. Drinking it regularly will hinder the body's metabolism, affect growth and development, and accelerate the body's aging.


To sum up, the premise of drinking water for health is to drink healthy water. So drinking cooled boiled water is the best way to replenish water.


There are many water purification systems in the market, including commercial reverse osmosis system, industrial water treatment systems, etc. Choose the right water purification system is key to providing us with safe water.


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