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What is the Difference Between Soft Water and Hard Water?

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Soft water refers to water that does not contain or contains less soluble calcium and magnesium compounds. In natural water, rain and snow are soft water. Hard water refers to water containing more soluble calcium and magnesium compounds. Today we mainly introduce the difference between soft water and hard water.



1. Identification Method

Method 1: Take a cup of hot water, pour it into soapy water, and stir gently. If there is foam on the water surface, it is soft water, and if there is scum on the water surface, it is hard water. The more scum, the harder the water is.


Method 2: Use a beaker to heat, the hard water will leave more scale on the wall of the cup. Because hard water is water containing more soluble calcium and magnesium substances, after heating, these soluble calcium and magnesium substances are transformed into insoluble substances. Hard water is the one with more precipitation impurities. The more impurities, the greater the hardness of the water.


Method 3: Use two dry and clean towels, respectively dipped in hard water and soft water, wring out and wipe the lens. After drying, if there are water stains on the lens, it is hard water. If there is no water stain on the lens, it is soft water.


Method 4: Make ice cubes with soft water and hard water respectively. Since calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate are insoluble in water, it can be observed that the ice cubes made of hard water are turbid in color and have peculiar smell. The ice cubes made of soft water are crystal clear and soft to the touch.



2. Functions

1) Soft water

The benefits of using soft water at home:

Kitchen: Tableware and porcelain are as clean as new, and there are no water stains. The use of detergents is reduced by 53%, which is greatly beneficial to environmental protection, and the kitchen cleaning time is reduced by 50%.


Bathroom: The toilet, sink and bathtub will no longer be yellow and dirty and produce peculiar smell. The small holes of the shower nozzle will no longer have white scale, and the water will flow smoothly.


Laundry: The clothes are soft, clean, and the color is as new. It reduces the usage of washing powder by 55%, and reduces maintenance problems caused by the use of hard water in washing machines and other water equipment.


91-2-filtration and disinfection technologies

2) Hard water

When this kind of water is used at home, it cannot make soap foam, and it will deposit a layer of scale on the laundry. When the water is boiled, a layer of hard white scale will gradually form on the bottom of the kettle and the bottom of the thermos. If it is used in a boiler or steam locomotive, it will form a layer of calcium sulfate or silica "hard scale" or a layer of calcium carbonate soft scale on the bottom of the boiler and the pipe wall, which will cause the pipe wall to be overheated and deformed, resulting in the danger of explosion of boilers and pipelines. This is very annoying and very scary.


Of course, the iron and manganese ions in the water are also one of the reasons that make the water hard. The water containing this ion will cause the scale precipitated by the soap to produce rust spots on the fabric. If it is bleached, the stains will become worse. When this kind of water is used to make tea, a layer of "water skin" will appear on the surface of the tea, and the fragrance of the tea will also disappear. The hardness of magnesium in the water will make the water corrosive and obviously acidic. Magnesium salt is a laxative. However, magnesium ions are only annoying, and will not threaten people's health.


Although a certain hardness of water can reduce the toxicity of metals and the incidence of cardiovascular diseases, the water that residents drink needs to be softened to avoid adverse consequences.


As water pollution has become more and more serious, both soft water and hard water need to be treated by water treatment equipment. At present, water treatment technology has been greatly developed, so we can use advanced water treatment technology to improve our drinking water quality.


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