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What is ozone treatment for house?

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What is ozone treatment for House?

It's a happy thing for everyone to be able to stay in the new house, but there is a lingering odor in the newly decorated house. Some people say that ozone generator can be used to remove the odor.


What are the advantages of ozone purification?

Ozone disinfection is to destroy the structure of microbial membrane by the oxidation of oxygen atom, so as to realize the sterilization. Different from other fungicides, ozone can react with the double bond of lipids on the cell wall of bacteria, penetrate into the interior of bacteria, act on proteins and lipopolysaccharides, change the permeability of cells and lead to bacterial death. Ozone also acts on nuclear substances in cells, such as purines and pyrimidines in nucleic acids, which destroy DNA. Ozone first acts on the cell membrane, causing damage to the components of the membrane and resulting in metabolism disorder. Then Ozone continues to penetrate through the membrane and destroy the lipoproteins and lipopolysaccharides in the membrane. Finally, apoptosis is induced by changing cell permeability.


The speed and effect of ozone sterilization are unparalleled. Its high oxidation-reduction potential determines its wide application in oxidation, decolorization and deodorization. It has been pointed out that the ozone best water purifier can kill almost all harmful substances in water, such as iron, manganese, chromium, sulfate, phenol, benzene and oxide, and can also decompose organic matters and kill algae. Moreover, ozone is produced by using the oxygen in the air. In the process of disinfection, the excess oxygen is combined into oxygen molecules 30 minutes later, without any residue, which solves the problem of secondary pollution caused by the disinfectant disinfection method. At the same time, it saves the re cleaning after disinfection.


At present, ozone is mainly used in water treatment, indoor air purification, food processing, medical treatment, medicine, aquaculture and other fields of disinfection.


What are the precautions for ozone disinfection of the house?

Ozone disinfection effect is very good, so what should be paid attention to when ozone disinfection is carried out in the room?


l The half-life of ozone begins in about 25 minutes, after which it breaks down into oxygen.

l The time to enter the room depends on the amount of ozone put in. Generally, 40 minutes will be the longest waiting period for you. If there is less ozone, you can enter the house at any time.


In addition to disinfecting the room, ozone can also purify your drinking water through the very popular ozone kitchen water purifier and ozone water disinfector.


Some experiments show that when the ozone concentration in the water is controlled to 0.4ppm by the ozone water treatment, all bacteria and viruses can be killed in one minute. Moreover, the water produced by the ozone best water filter for home does not contain any residues harmful to human body. After the surface water is treated by ozone best water purifier, it can basically reach the standard of high quality drinking water.


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