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What is ozone sterilization?

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What is Ozone Sterilization? 

The ozone disinfection technology was invented by a German chemist who named Shebyrne in 1840 and was used in the water treatment disinfection industry in 1856. At present, ozone has been widely used in water treatment, air purification, food processing, medical treatment, medicine, aquaculture and other fields. Ozone generator has played a great role in promoting the development of these industries.


Efficacy of Ozone Disinfection

Ozone sterilization is a bacteriolytic method, which can kill bacteria, spores, viruses and fungi and destroy botulinum toxin. In addition, ozone will soon decompose into oxygen or a single oxygen atom due to its poor stability and a single oxygen atom can combine into oxygen molecules without any toxic residues. Therefore, ozone is a non-polluting disinfectant.


In addition, ozone is a gas, which can quickly diffuse into the whole sterilization space without dead angle.


The disinfection effect of ozone is reflected in its strong oxidation, and it is a globally recognized green, broad-spectrum and efficient disinfectant. Therefore, ozone water disinfector is widely used in drinking water disinfection and medical water disinfection, such as ozone best water filter for home, ozone sewage water purifier, ozone kitchen water purifier, etc. The ozone produced by the ozone generator will automatically reduce to oxygen after 30-40 minutes, and there is no chemical residual secondary pollution.


However, the traditional sterilization methods, such as ultraviolet disinfection, have no effect in the place where the light cannot reach and have the disadvantages of decline, weak penetration, short service life and so on. Chemical fumigation also has some shortcomings that cannot effectively remove drug-resistant bacteria and viruses.


ozone water used in swimming pool

Application Area


1) Air purification


Ozone has the function of killing bacteria and virus in the air and reducing dust, making the air fresh and eliminating fatigue.


2) Fresh keeping of fruits and vegetables


The transportation and storage of fruits and vegetables have always been an urgent problem to be solved and improper handling will bring great losses. Ozone and anion have the function of keeping fruits and vegetables fresh, so using ozone technology can greatly extend the storage time of fruits and vegetables and expand the scope of transportation. In addition, ozone technology can also be used in the sterilization and disinfection of clean vegetables.


3) Environmental protection


It is reported that about 550 million cubic meters of water are polluted every year in the world. Ozone, as a highly effective bactericide and antidote, naturally attracts many scientists to study and apply it to the field of water pollution treatment and industrial water conservation.


4) medical and health work


The hospital is the place to treat diseases. On the contrary, it is also the place to easily infect diseases. Therefore, the problem of disinfection of hands and surgical instruments of doctors or nurses before operation is also one of the urgent issues to be solved. Ozone with high efficiency and rapid bactericidal effect has great potential in hospital environment disinfection and preoperative disinfection.


5) Food industry


In the production process of beverage and fruit juice, the water treated by ozone water purifier can be used for soaking and washing of pipelines, production equipment and containers, so as to achieve the purpose of disinfection and sterilization. In vegetable processing, ozone water treatment technology can avoid the adverse effects of traditional processing technology on product quality and improve product quality. In the prefreezing treatment of frozen aquatic products, the ozone produced by the ozone generator can play a good role in controlling the sanitary indicators of aquatic products.


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