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What is a Shared Water Purifier?

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In recent years, the sharing economy is becoming more and more popular on the Internet, which leads to the emergence of various sharing products, such as bike sharing, car sharing, umbrella sharing, etc. But recently, a new type of shared product has appeared in the public's view, that is the shared ozone water purifier. In the field of water purification, people use the Internet of Things and GPRS data transmission technology to design a new mode of water purifier, namely shared water purifier. The business or consumer of water purifier can know the operation status of ozone kitchen water purifier and drinking water quality in real time through APP on mobile phone. The service life and replacement time of the filter element of the water purifier can also be known. It can even operate the water purifier remotely.



Characteristics of Shared Water Purifier

Shared ozone water filter is a new water purifier model based on water purification technology, combined with cloud services and Internet of Things technology. It can be linked with the APP on the mobile phone, so people can remotely control the water purifier through the mobile phone, and understand the use status and water quality of the water purifier. In addition, advanced functions such as push-button reset, filter element replacement and fault warning are also set on the APP to realize the information exchange between product service providers and users.


purifying water

If consumers buy the traditional ozone best water purifier, they own the machine. However, if the water purifier fails, consumers need to call the manufacturer themselves and ask them to repair the water purifier. Compared with the traditional water purifier, the shared water purifier is generally purchased by a company and put into the city. Consumers only have the right to use the machine, but do not own the machine. Moreover, if the shared water purifier fails, the company will send someone to repair it, and there is no need for consumers to repair it. Consumers only need to pay the service fee regularly to use the shared water purifier for a long time.



Benefits of the Shared Water Purifier

For ordinary families, water purifier is not a necessity. In fact, many families do not install water purifiers. As long as the water is boiled, the bacteria in the water can be killed. Drinking this kind of water in the short term will not affect the body, but it may be harmful to human health with long-term use. The price of a water purifier is not high. For some poor families, they may not want to spend money to buy a water purifier. If there is shared water purifier, consumers can get purified drinking water at a very low price. This saves consumers a lot of money. As people pay more and more attention to the health of the body, the number of shared water purifiers will continue to increase. Therefore, the market of shared ozone best water filter for home will gradually expand, and the market prospect is also very promising.

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