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What is Overhydration? What Causes It?

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Overhydration is the condition of having excessive volumes of water in the body’s system, and is known as water intoxication. At first, it may sound ridiculous as all humans require water to live and perform all the most basic functions, but too much water can actually cause imbalances in the body that prevent normal functioning. The disorder can occur if a person takes in excessive amounts of water or if he or she has an abnormal disability to excrete water adequately in order to maintain normal fluid balance in the body. Any circumstances that bring about a disproportion between the intake and the loss of water can result in overhydration.


Overhydration may start out without the manifestation of any symptoms, but if the intoxication aggressively accumulates and begins to affect normal brain operations, patients may show signs of confusion or disorientation. If it can be detected early, such problems can be prevented in advance. So what are the symptoms and causes of overhydration?



1. Symptoms of Overhydration

While overhydration is a condition, the early diagnosis of this condition isn’t always possible. So it is important to ensure that you keep an eye out on the signs and symptoms to help with the proper diagnosis. Some of the common symptoms of overhydration that you need to look out for include:




Changes in the mental state


Muscular weakness followed by spasms or even cramps

Loss of consciousness

Coma (in extreme conditions)



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2. Causes of Overhydration

1) Over Retention of Fluids

When the water you drink is not flushed out through the kidneys normally, there may be accumulation of water particles. Overhydration is caused when there is excess of water particles in the body. Normally people can live healthy only if they take plenty of water, but at the same time, the water consumed should be urinated well. Otherwise there is a risk of water intoxication in the body.


2) Drink Excess of Water

Drinking too much water without removing the excess is predominantly the major reason of overhydration. It is because of the fact that the kidneys aren’t functioning properly in the body.


3) Side Effects of Medications

Certain medications like diuretic given for controlling hypertension and drugs prescribed for depression can increase the frequency of urination. Electrolyte imbalance can also be caused when a person suddenly moves to hot climatic region which would cause increased sweating.


People who participate in contests and those who are working in hot environment are induced to drink more water than the body actually require. Increased sweating may also trigger sodium imbalance in blood, causing overhydration.


4) Athletic Events

Sporting events are another main cause of overhydration. Athletes are the common group of people at high risk of getting overhydrated. Therefore, athletes need a logical approach to control their thirst and prevent excess water retention in the body.


Overhydration is not good for our body, so ensure proper drinking water intake. At the same time, ensure that the drinking water is clean. To improve the cleanliness of drinking water, we can use some water treatment equipment and water treatment systems, such as advanced water systems, ozone water treatment, etc.


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