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What is Drinking Water?

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Water is not only the main component of the body, but also has many physiological functions. The dissolving power of water is very strong. Many substances can be dissolved in water and dissociated into ionic state. The insoluble protein and fat can be suspended in water to form a colloid or emulsion, which is convenient for digestion, absorption and utilization. Water directly participates in the redox reaction in the human body to promote the progress of various physiological and biochemical reactions. Without water, you are unable to maintain blood circulation, breathing, digestion, absorption, secretion, diarrhea and other physiological activities.



1. Definition of Drinking Water

Drinking water refers to water that can be directly supplied to the human body for drinking without treatment. Water is the main component of body fluids, and it is also an important substance that constitutes cells, tissue fluids, and plasma. As the medium of all chemical reactions in the body, water is a platform for the transportation of various nutrients and substances.


On October 27, 2017, the list of carcinogens published by the International Agency for Research on Cancer of the World Health Organization was initially compiled for reference. Chlorinated drinking water was included in the list of three types of carcinogens.



93-2-water treatment technology

2. Classification of Drinking Water

Water is first divided into soft water and hard water according to its own hardness.


The hardness of water refers to the content of salts dissolved in the water, that is, the content of calcium and magnesium salts. The unit of hardness is ppm. 1ppm represents the calcium carbonate content of 1 milligram per liter (mg/L) in the water. Water below 142ppm is called soft water, water above 285ppm is called hard water, and water between 142 and 285 is called moderately hard water. Rain and snow water are all soft water. River water and lake water are moderately hard water. Spring water, deep well water, and sea water are all hard water.


Hard water usually does not cause direct harm to health, but hard water contains a lot of calcium salts. Therefore, the pots we use to boil water are particularly prone to scale. The precipitation of scale is mainly carbonates and magnesium salts. If such salts enter the intestines and are partially decomposed, they will become constant elements for some people. If they cannot be dissolved and decomposed, they will be excreted in the feces and will not have a special effect on the body.


However, if there is scale, more harmful substances will be adsorbed, which will cause certain harm. If a person has calculus and calcium stones, drinking too much hard water will aggravate the condition.


Drinking water includes clean natural spring water, well water, river water and lake water, as well as treated mineral water and purified water. The processed drinking water comes in the form of bottled water and direct drinking water from pipes.


Tap water is generally not used for direct drinking in mainland China, but in some parts of the world, it is used for direct drinking due to higher quality management standards.


Water is an important part of the human body and an essential medium for metabolism. About half of the water consumed by the body every day needs to be supplemented by drinking water directly, the other part is obtained directly from meals, and a small part is derived from the decomposition of carbohydrates in the body. Adults need to add about 1200 ml of water every day.


There is a view that trace minerals in drinking water play an important role in the human body, and drinking pure water will cause an imbalance in the metabolism of mineral elements. This is supported by a large amount of statistical data around the world.


Drinking water must be safe and healthy. At present, water sources are seriously polluted. To ensure the safety of drinking water, appropriate water treatment technology and water treatment equipment must be used, such as ozone water purifiers, ozone water filters, etc.


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