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What industries can the ozone generator be applied to?

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This article mainly introduces to which industries the ozone generator can be applied and the advantages of the ozone water purifier.


Ozone generator is a device for making O3. Ozone is easy to decompose and cannot be stored, so it needs to be prepared and used on site. Only under special circumstances can ozone be stored for a short period of time. Therefore, wherever ozone is needed, an ozone generator must be used. The strong oxidizing nature of ozone determines that ozone has a wide range of uses.


What industries can the ozone generator be applied to?

1. Sterilization and disinfection of health products

In the production of healthy products, the role of the ozone generator is mainly to sterilize and disinfect. It can kill bacteria, mold, yeast, virus and other microorganisms. Therefore, it can significantly improve the safety quality of food, medicine, cosmetics and other products.


2. Fruit and vegetable preservation

The number of fruits and vegetables lost each year is staggering, with a decay rate of up to 40%. The use of an ozone generator can sterilize and keep fruits and vegetables fresh, which reduces the rate of decay. In addition, it can improve the quality of fruits and vegetables and expand the sales scope of fruits and vegetables.


3. Livestock breeding

The ozone generator can sterilize the air and tools of the breeding house, which can prevent the livestock and poultry from getting sick. It also improves the safety and quality of livestock and poultry foods. During aquaculture, O3 enters the water to eliminate bacteria, viruses and oxidize impurities, which can prevent the water from spoiling and increasing the nutrients in the water.


4. Agricultural production

The use of ozone generators in agricultural production can play a good role in preventing diseases and insect damage. It is conducive to improving the output and quality of agricultural products, which increases agricultural benefits.


5. Medical hygiene

The ozone generator can be used to sterilize and disinfect hospital wards, operating rooms, waiting halls, offices and other places to control the spread of bacteria and prevent cross-infection. It can also be used to sterilize surgical instruments and the hands of medical staff. Ozone compound solution can also treat wounds and promote wound healing.


6. Purified drinking water

Ozone water treatment is recognized as the best method for treating drinking water in the world. More than a thousand water plants in Europe alone use ozone to purify water. Therefore, the ozone water purifier can play a great role in purifying drinking water.



Advantages of the ozone water filter

The hydroxyl groups generated when ozone decomposes in water have strong oxidizing properties, so the use of ozone kitchen water purifiers can quickly remove iron, manganese, odors, bacteria, and viruses in the water. Ozone water sterilizer can also make water molecules smaller and make water taste sweet. In addition, chlorine or trihalomethane in tap water can also be eliminated by the effect of ozone.


The ozone water purification sterilizer dissolves oxidizing substances and silver ions in the injected tap water. And it uses high-tech nanotechnology, ultraviolet sterilization technology and magnetization technology to perform a series of treatments on the tap water. The treated tap water can not only wash clothes, but also has the functions of sterilization, disinfection and softening.


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