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What Should We Pay Attention to When Using Ozone?

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Ozone is most suitable for systems with relatively stable water quality and water consumption, which when being changed, the amount of ozone should be adjusted in time.


Another thing to be considered is the content of organic matter in the water. When the turbidity of the water is less than 5mg/L, the effect on the ozone disinfection and sterilization is minimal, and with turbidity increasing, the disinfection effect will also be impacted. If the content of organic matter is high, the consumption of ozone will increase, and its disinfection ability will decrease, because ozone will be consumed by organic matter first, rather than being used to killing bacteria. Therefore, the foreign pharmaceutical industry has added TOC monitoring items to the pharmaceutical water system. But what’s worse is that after ozone treatment in the stagnant water, which is heavily polluted by organic matter, the large organic matter molecules will break down into a nutrient source for microbial metabolism. Therefore, without maintaining the ozone concentration of the pipeline network, it will increase slime, and worsen water quality.


In many respects, the advantages of ozone and chlorine as disinfectants are complementary. Ozone has the effect of rapid sterilization and inactivation of viruses, and generally has good effects on removing odor and color. Chlorine has a long-lasting, flexible and controllable sterilization effect and can be used continuously in the pipe network system. Therefore, the combined use of ozone and chlorine seems to be the most ideal way to disinfect water.



Advantages of Ozone Disinfection Method


1. It is superior to chemical disinfection methods. 

Ozone, as a highly efficient and broad-spectrum gas disinfectant causing no residual pollution, has special advantages over the disinfectants commonly used in the food industry. Compared with peroxyacetic acid, potassium permanganate, formaldehyde (formalin), sulfur dioxide and other chemical disinfectants, its bactericidal ability is equivalent to peroxyacetic acid and higher than other disinfectants.


Ozone will decompose into oxygen by itself, without residual pollution, and no ventilation is required after disinfection. Conventional disinfection requires ventilation or chemical neutralization, which is troublesome and reduces the disinfection effect. Ozone can be used directly for sterilization or anti-mold preservation of food. The ozone sterilization concentration is a very weak oxidizing concentration for food, and it is harmless to food.

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2. It is Better Than UV Irradiating.

1) Ozone permeates everywhere and is able to reach every corner. Ultraviolet rays only have a sterilization effect when they reach the surface of the object with a certain intensity standard. Food workshops are generally tall and large, so that the intensity of ultraviolet radiation is far from enough, especially when the distance is long, the radiation produces a large blind spot. Ozone is a kind of gas, with strong permeability, good diffusibility, uniform concentratio.


2) Fast sterilization speed. Ultraviolet radiation sterilization requires a long action time, generally more than 6 hours of exposure. However, you only need to turn on the ozone generator for more than an hour, and the ozone can meet the standard concentration.


3) The sterilization effect is better under high humidity. When the relative humidity of the environment reaches more than 60%, the sterilization effect of ultraviolet irradiation will drop sharply. When the humidity reaches more than 80%, it can induce bacteria to resurrect. But for ozone, the higher the humidity, the better the sterilization effect. This is because the cell membrane swells and becomes thinner under high humidity, and its tissue is easily destroyed by ozone. So it is particularly suitable for the high humidity environment that is common in the food industry.


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