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What Effect Does Ozone Water Have on the Skin

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Everyone likes to have a good-looking appearance, a perfect body shape, and a smooth and delicate skin. I firmly believe that many female friends try different ways and tricks to make the skin smoother and more delicate.


Super-oxygen water is also called ozone water. It uses high-voltage static electricity generated by high-frequency ceramic surface discharge to ionize oxygen molecules (O2) in the air near the electrode to produce ozone (O3) in a short time. It uses a high-efficiency gas-water turbine mixer to make Ozone (O3) mixed with water to produce O3 super oxygen ionized water (OZONE WATER). Ozone is able to kill bacteria and is soluble in water. It can oxidize the bacterial protein within a few seconds, thereby killing the bacteria. Therefore, more and more people use ozone water purifiers for ozone water treatment in order to obtain healthy ozone water more efficiently. Today, we will discuss what effect does ozone water have on the skin.



1. Using Ozone Water for Skin Care is More Economical and More Practical.

Active oxygen is extremely soluble in strong electrolytes, it can eliminate bacteria and quickly clear muddy water. It is not only drinkable, but also can be used for bathing at home. After the ozone water bath, the skin can be white, smooth and tender, and pathogenic bacteria can be removed. The blood vessels and nerves of the whole body can digest and absorb fresh oxygen. It can also promote the blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, and protect the skin from damage.


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2. Using Ozone Water for Skin Care is Safer, More Efficient and More Convenient

It is said that the use of active oxygen in beauty and skin care has become popular in European and American countries. Ozone has two functions on the human body. 1) When it is stored as active oxygen, it has the functions of disinfection, sterilization, and rapid swelling. It can clean skin pores, remove blockages and germs, and make skin smooth. It can also exfoliate dead skin, make the skin smooth and tender, and achieve the actual effect of beauty and skin care. 2) When it is converted into CO2, it can enter the body through the respiratory tract and skin, increase the oxygen content in the blood, promote the blood circulation , adjust the basic metabolism, and enhance the human immunity. Active oxygen dissolves well in water, and has a magical effect on the skin, stimulates skin cells, provides sufficient oxygen to the skin. It has active effects on lowering somatic cells, and promotes cell regeneration. Because of this, active oxygen has an auxiliary therapeutic effect. When ozone water is sprayed on the skin, these microbial somatic cells that depend on the breeding of the sebaceous glands are killed, so as to control inflammation, accelerate wound repair, and it can prevent skin diseases.



3. Using Ozone Water for Skin Care is More Scientific and More Affordable

Active oxygen can also adjust the pH of the skin. The PH value of healthy skin is close to the middle of 5~5.6. Ozone water can optimize the skin, adequately nourish the skin pores, and improve the pH of the skin, making the skin healthy and neutral.


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