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What Disinfection Method is Used for Swimming Pool?

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Ozone is a recognized as a kind of green and environmentally friendly disinfectant, which will not produce secondary pollution and residues, and will not cause accidents such as chlorine leakage or excessive indicators during operation.

Swimming pools and water amusement pools open to the public are prone to cross infection because of the large number of people involved. Therefore, the swimming pool disinfection is very important. The ozone disinfection system should be used for such swimming pools.



1. The Characteristics of Ozone Disinfection for Swimming Pool.

1) The swimming pool should adopt a counter-flow circulating water distribution method. In this case, the ozone water can be quickly mixed with the pool water. It may not be necessary to add other chemical agents, such as chlorine, flocculants, and pH regulators. During operation, only swimming pool managers can really appreciate the other benefits brought by the counter-flow water circulating distribution method, such as easy removal of floating objects on the water surface, water saving and energy saving, etc.


2) When adopting ozone disinfection for the swimming pool water, it is not necessary to remove the remaining ozone. The remaining ozone in the water will not reach a concentration that causes harm to people.


3) If the pool water can be circulated according to the standards, when the ozone dosage is 0.5mg/l, it can meet the disinfection needs.


4) The ORP controller can be used to monitor the ozone concentration in the water. When the ozone concentration in the backwater of the pool is too high (greater than 0.10ppm), turn off the ozone generator to prevent the ozone concentration from exceeding the standard (0.1ppm).


5) The ozone water filter plays a decisive role in water quality. When the particle size of the filter material is 0.45-0.8mm, if the thickness of the filter layer can reach 900mm, the dosage of ozone can be reduced.


6) If chlorine preparations are to be added, when the residual chlorine reaches 0.1ppm, the disinfection needs can be met.


65-2-ozone disinfection

2. Comparison of Ozone Disinfection and Chlorine Preparations Disinfection

1) The addition of chlorine preparations will inevitably lead to changes in the pH of the water, making people feel uncomfortable, so alkaline or acidic substances need to be added for neutralization. However, ozone is a neutral substance and will not cause such problems.


2) Ozone can ensure the stability of water quality during high passenger flow and high temperature seasons. When encountering high temperature and high passenger flow, the water quality is often poor. At this time, if chlorine preparations are used, a large amount of dosing is required, which will bring a series of side effects, such as changes in pH value, irritation to the respiratory tract and human body, etc. While adding a large amount of ozone will not have such side effects.


3) Using an ozone generator can greatly reduce the management and operation difficulty of the water treatment process. At the same time, the ozone generator has a high safe level, while the chlorine preparation may cause danger during transportation, storage and use.


4) Ozone can decompose organic matter in water and has a micro-flocculation effect, so under normal passenger flow, it is not necessary to use flocculants.


In short, ozone sterilization and disinfection has great benefits. It is not only used for the disinfection of swimming pools, but also for sewage treatment, domestic water treatment, etc.


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