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What Are the Sewage Treatment Methods?

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The random discharge of waste water not only affects the image of the city, but also seriously affects people's lives and health. Only when the waste water is effectively treated can we turn waste into treasure and increase its utilization value. Modern wastewater treatment methods are mainly divided into three types: physical treatment, chemical treatment and biological treatment.



1. Physical Treatment

The wastewater treatment technology that separates and recovers the insoluble pollutants in the suspended state (including oil film and oil droplets) in the wastewater through physical action can be divided into gravity separation method, centrifugal separation method and sieve filtration method. The processing units belonging to the gravity separation method include: sedimentation, floatation (air flotation), etc. The corresponding processing equipment is grit tank, sedimentation tank, grease trap, air flotation tank and its auxiliary devices. The centrifugal separation method itself is a processing unit, and the processing devices used include centrifugal separators and hydrocyclones. There are two types of processing units in the sieve filtration method: grid-screen retention and filtration. The former uses grids and screens, while the latter uses sand filters and microporous filters. The treatment method based on the principle of heat exchange is also a physical treatment method, and its treatment units include evaporation and crystallization.



2. Chemical Treatment

It is a sewage treatment method that separates and removes dissolved and colloidal pollutants in wastewater or converts them into harmless substances through chemical reactions and mass transfer. In the chemical water treatment method, the processing units based on the chemical reaction caused by the dosing of chemicals are: coagulation, neutralization, oxidation and reduction, etc. While the processing units based on mass transfer include: extraction, stripping, adsorption, ion exchange, electrodialysis and reverse osmosis, etc. The latter two processing units are collectively referred to as membrane separation technology. Among them, the processing unit that uses mass transfer has both chemical effects and related physical effects, so it can also be separated from chemical treatment methods and become another type of treatment method, called physical chemical method.

98-2-water filtration systems

3. Biological Treatment

This is a wastewater treatment method that converts organic pollutants in solution, colloid, and fine suspension states into stable and harmless substances through the metabolism of microorganisms. According to the different microorganisms, biological treatment can be divided into two types: aerobic biological treatment and anaerobic biological treatment.

The aerobic biological treatment method is widely used in the biological wastewater treatment. According to the tradition, the aerobic biological treatment method is divided into the activated sludge method and the biofilm method. The activated sludge process itself is a processing unit, and it has a variety of operating modes. The processing equipment belonging to the biological membrane method includes biological filter, biological turntable, biological contact oxidation pond and the recently developed biological fluidized bed. Biological oxidation pond method is also called natural biological treatment method.

Anaerobic biological treatment, also known as biological reduction treatment, is mainly used to treat high-concentration organic wastewater and sludge. The treatment equipment used is mainly a digester.

There are many kinds of pollutants in wastewater, and it is impossible to expect to use one treatment unit to remove all the pollutants. It often needs to be treated by a water treatment system composed of several methods and several treatment units to meet the requirements.


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