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What Are the Methods of Ozone Preparation?

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Ozone (O₃), also known as super oxygen, is an allotrope of oxygen (O₂). At room temperature, it is a light blue gas with a special smell. Ozone is mainly distributed in the stratospheric atmosphere at a height of 10-50km, with a maximum value between 20-30km.


What are the methods of ozone preparation? Commonly used ozone preparation methods are: corona method, electrolysis method, ultraviolet method, nuclear radiation method, plasma method and so on. The ozone generation technologies that have been put into use in food, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies mainly include corona discharge and electrolysis.


Usually, ozone is produced from oxygen or air by means of silent electric discharge, and ozone generators are produced according to this principle. Using the difference between the boiling points of ozone and oxygen, concentrated ozone can be obtained by staged liquefaction. Under ultraviolet radiation, ozone can be naturally formed from diatomic oxygen through electron emission or exposure.


We often use dry air or oxygen and 5 ~ 25 kV AC voltage for silent discharge to produce ozone. In addition, ozone can be produced by electrolyzing dilute sulfuric acid at low temperature, or it can be produced by heating liquid oxygen.



1. Corona High Voltage Discharge Method

The principle of the corona discharge method to produce ozone is to place a dielectric item in parallel with two parallel high-voltage electrodes (usually hard glass or ceramic is used as the dielectric item, and stainless steel is also useful), and a certain discharge gap is maintained. When high-voltage alternating current is applied between the two poles, a uniform blue-violet corona discharge is formed in the discharge gap. When air or oxygen passes through the discharge gap, the oxygen molecules are excited by electrons to obtain energy, and they collide with each other elastically and polymerize into ozone molecules.




2. Electrolysis Method

The principle of low-voltage electrolysis to produce ozone is to use low-voltage direct current to conduct the positive and negative poles of the solid membrane electrode to deionized water. The water is separated into hydrogen and oxygen molecules in the form of proton exchange at the special anode solution interface, and hydrogen is removed from the cathode. The oxygen molecules are directly discharged at the interface of the solution, and the oxygen molecules are excited by the electrons generated by the high-density current on the anode interface to obtain energy and polymerize into ozone. The electro-oxidation method is the use of low pressure electrolysis.


Low-pressure electrolysis ozone generator uses pure water as raw material, solid precious metal polymer as electrolyte, combined with cation exchange mode to obtain ozone through low-pressure electrolysis, without any auxiliary materials and additives, and the output ozone concentration is as high as above 20%, the produced ozone gas companion is oxygen, without causing any secondary pollution. This is the highest concentration of ozone production method in the world.


The ozone produced by the electrolysis method has the advantages of high concentration, pure composition, and high solubility in water. It has a wide range of development value in medical treatment, food processing and aquaculture and households. However, compared with the corona discharge method, the electrolysis method produces less ozone and consumes more energy. Although the corona discharge method has high output and large scale, it also has many defects such as that the gas needs to be dried, the ozone concentration produced is very low, the electrode is easily damaged. Therefore, the development of the advantageous application areas of the electrolysis method and the corona discharge method is a technical problem that needs to be solved at present.


Ozone is easily soluble in water, thus forming ozone water. Ozone water is very helpful for food cleaning and health care. Therefore, the application of ozone water is becoming more and more extensive. The subsequent ozone water purifiers, ozone water filters and ozone water disinfectants have also been greatly developed.


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