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What Are the Major Characteristics of the Water Purification Industry?

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Water pollution become more and more severe, and the issue of the residential water safety has attracted more and more attention. A large number of netizens and consumers have begun to choose to use household water purifiers(including drinking water purifiers, ozone water purifiers, etc. ). At the same time, the water purification industry is developing rapidly, such as the ozone water treatment industry. Although there are not many water purifiers in the domestic market, the prospects of the water purification industry are promising. Today we will introduce the four characteristics of the water purification industry.



1. The Water Purification Market is Developing Steadily, and the Trend Tends to be High-end consumption.

With the improvement of the consumption level and the improvement of the quality of life,  in order to cater to the market, the current water purifiers are high-end.



2. Popularization of Reverse Osmosis Technology

Green manufacturing technology is the trend of the future development. At present, the water purification market is mainly divided into reverse osmosis technology, ultrafiltration, activated carbon, nanofiltration, etc., and the reverse osmosis technology is the mainstream of the water purification market. According to AVC offline data, reverse osmosis technology products are increasing year by year, and activated carbon products are decreasing.


While popularizing the reverse osmosis technology, water purifiers must also develop green manufacturing technology. At present, green manufacturing technology has been included in the national science and technology "Twelfth Five-Year" special plan. Its goal is to minimize the negative impact on the environment, maximize resource utilization, and coordinate and optimize the economic and social benefits of the product during the entire life cycle of the product, from design, manufacturing, packaging, transportation, use to disposal. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, companies that do not promote green manufacturing technology will be eliminated from market competition, and it is imperative to develop green manufacturing technology.


water purifier

3. The Product Function of Water Purifiers is Developing in the Direction of Large Flux, Long Life, High Water Saving and Intelligence.

Small flux water purifiers are prone to encounter problems such as small water flow, large waste water ratio, poor filtration effect, etc. Therefore, high-quality products with large flux, convenience and clean water can better meet customers needs.


Intelligence has become one of the breakthrough points in the water purification industry. The entire home appliance industry is advocating intelligence, and ozone best water purifiers are no exception. The intelligence of water purifiers is mainly manifested in reminding consumers to replace filters, collect water quality data, and connect daily service.



4. The Product Quality Varies From Different Brands.

Water purifiers are gradually being recognized in cities and rural markets. The rapid economic development has affected the natural environment. Among them, the water pollution is one of the most serious problems.


The rapid expansion of the current water purification market has flooded the market with many inferior and counterfeit products, causing consumers to distrust small brands. Of course, more small brands are looking for franchisees and agents under the name of the top ten water purification brands.


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