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What Are the Effects of Ozone Water on Human Health?

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Ozone's extremely strong penetration and oxidizing characteristics can quickly decompose or sterilize skin, and can remove dirt on our skin. Therefore, ozone water is becoming more and more popular. With so many benefits, ozone water purifiers for ozone water treatment is widely used in daily life. Today we will discuss the effects of ozone water on human health.



1. Oral

Oral diseases are mostly caused by bacterial or germ infections. Our mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria, germs or dental plaque. The ozone water for immediate aeration treatment has a strong penetrating power, which can reach deep into the alveolar area, causing tongue coating, tooth decay, bad breath, toothache, tonsil inflammation, throat inflammation, etc. It has miraculous effects.



2. Stomach

The stomach is a digestive organ. Stomach disease may be caused by excessive stomach acidity, and ozone has the physical properties of selective reaction, or the neutral tendency of changing acidity to alkalinity and alkalinity to acidity. Ozone water can directly activate gastric cells and maintain a moderate acid-base state to restore normal gastric function. The intestine is an absorption organ and a place where various vitamins are made. Ozone water can activate the cells in the intestine, strengthen the activity of aerobic bacteria and quickly restore the function of the intestine. It has a rapid effect on habitual diarrhea, duodenal ulcer or acute enteritis caused by bacterial infection.

3. Blood

Blood has three functions in the human body. One is to transport nutrients to all parts of the body, the other is to discharge waste from various parts of the body, and the third is to defend against diseases. If the oxygen intake of healthy people is less than 4%, it is called hypoxia. If the oxygen intake of red blood cells is less than 4% of the total oxygen intake, the human body is prone to become ill. The solubility of ozone is 13 times that of oxygen, so ozone can enhance oxygen content in the blood, enhance blood fluidity, strengthen red blood cell glycation, stimulate enzyme decomposition and activate the respiration of mitochondria. The biochemical reactions caused by these influences can enhance the immunity of white blood cells, restore the elasticity of blood vessels, and promote metabolism. It can treat various diseases with circulatory system or metabolic disorders.




4. Liver

The liver is the organ for body's detoxification, and the kidney is the body's filtering organ. Most of the toxins in the human body come from food, and a small part comes from mood changes and various diseases. These toxins usually is decomposed by the liver and filtered by the kidneys and excreted from the body. However, due to organ aging, disease and pollution, toxins cannot be completely decomposed and excreted from the body, forming various chronic diseases. Ozone water contains "active substances" such as OH and O. In addition to supplying oxygen to enhance the physiological effect of oxidation in the body, "active substances" can decompose toxicity or make them harmless before excreting them from the body. Oxygen water has strong penetrating and diuretic effects, which can reduce the accumulation of toxic substances in the body, and also reduce the chance of kidney stones and bladder stones. Ozone and its peroxides have a unique effect on the pathological changes of the filtering virus (such as liver rash, etc.), and enhance the phagocytosis of white blood cells, and has a miraculous effect on the reduction and elimination of virus cells.

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Because ozone water has such great benefits to the human body, we hope that more people can use ozone water. Our company provides products such as ozone generators, ozone water sterilizers and ozone kitchen water purifiers to help everyone have a healthier life.

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