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What Are the Effects of Ozone Bath? (2)

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According to the Japanese Hot Spring Medical Association, if we take a regular ozone bath once a day, we can relax our body and our brain. Ozone bath has the effects of disease prevention, beauty and anti-aging, obesity prevention, and longevity. Regular taking ozone bath will keep us young. Therefore, the ozone bath is becoming more and more popular, and the ozone water treatment industry and ozone water purifiers are also developing faster and faster. Now we will introduce the effect of ozone bath.



1. Athlete's Foot and Stinky Foot 

Soak the affected area with ozone water several times a day and 20 minutes each time (ice water has the best effect). General symptoms can be significantly and effectively improved within 4-10 days. Socks, insoles, and shoes must also be treated with ozone water.



2. Neurasthenia and Insomnia

Using an ozone device to blow ozone gas directly in the bedroom during or before going to bed will help you to get deep sleep. Of course, teaming up with half-body ozone bath and drinking ozone water are more effective.



3. Migraine and Fatigue

Blow ozone gas, continue to take half-body ozone bath, and drink ozone water every day. After a few days, the symptoms will be significantly improved.



4. Osteoporosis

Continue to take half-body ozone bath every day, and drink at least 500 ml of ozone water treated for 5-10 minutes every day (here you need a ozone water filter), which can effectively improve your symptom.



5. Constipation

Treat 500ml ozone water with ozone water sterilizer for about 20 minutes and drink it immediately to kill the bacteria in the large intestine. Drink 2-3 cups a day, the symptom will be improved significantly.




6. Cold and Fever 

Blow ozone gas indoors, take half-body ozone bath every day for 5-10 minutes, drink ozone treated water, if the symptoms are severe, you can also use medication to improve the effect.



7. Hemorrhoids and Gynecological Diseases

Take half-body ozone bath every day, and drink at least 500 ml ozone water treated with an ozone best water purifier for 5-10 minutes every day, which can effectively improve the symptom. You can also soak the affected area in the ozone water. Gynecological diseases can be combined with gynecological ozone treatment instrument, the treatment effect is the best.



8. Gastrointestinal Diseases, Various Liver Diseases and Stroke Rehabilitation

Continue to take half-body ozone bath every day, and drink at least 500 ml ozone water every day, which can effectively improve symptoms without causing side effects.



9. Nasal Allergies, Rhinitis, Asthma, Bronchitis and Other Lung Diseases

Blow ozone gas indoors, and you will feel a significant improvement in a few days. If you can continue to take half-body ozone bath every day, the treatment effect is the best.



10. Toothache and Periodontitis

Keep the ozone water treated for more than 15 minutes in the mouth for about 30 seconds. After several times, the symptoms of dental disease can be effectively improved, and it has the effect of reducing swelling. Brushing your teeth with ozone water every morning and evening and after meals can effectively prevent the growth of bacteria and eliminate dental plaque and calculus.

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