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What Are the Effects of Ozone Bath? (1)

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When taking ozone bath, ozone water enters our body through the skin sweat glands and sebum, stimulating the subcutaneous nerve endings, causing the corresponding nerve reflexes. And then it enters the capillaries at the same time, circulating to all tissues of the body with the blood, and plays an essential role in maintaining various organs. Therefore, more and more people use ozone generators to generate ozone water for ozone bath. Next we will introduce the effects of ozone bath.



1. Hypertension

1) For severely ill persons or elders, first soak your feet with ozone water. You can choose the temperature of the bath according to your own preferences. The soaking time is 30 minutes each time, 2-3 times a day. If you can adapt to the foot bath after 3-7 days, then you can try a half-body ozone bath to improve your symptoms. If you have no other  complications, you can skip the foot bath and do a half-body bath directly (the water level should not exceed the heart).

2) Patients with hypertension can usually blow with ozone gas, if you are often dizzy because of high blood pressure, it can be relieved immediately without increasing blood pressure.

3) Patients can measure their blood pressure before and after bathing. After bathing, their blood pressure varies according to their personal physique, but it can drop by about 10-20 averagely. If the ozone instrument is not used, the blood pressure of hypertensive patients will definitely increase when bathing.

4) People who feel uncomfortable and dizzy should stop blowing with ozone gas or stop taking a half-body ozone bath. Severe patients must be treated with medications, and the medication should never be withdrawn immediately, they can gradually reduce the amount of medication.


2. Diabetes

For severely patients or the elderly, please soak the feet in ozone water first, and then blow with ozone gas. The temperature of the foot bath depends on the individual's adaptability. The soaking time is 30 minutes each time, 2-3 times a day. If you can adapt after 3 to 7 days, you can try a half-body ozone bath. If you have no other complications, you can just do a half-body bath.

2) In general, diabetics who use ozone water to soak their feet for 2-3 days, the original black and blue spots on the feet can disappear. However, if the blood sugar drops below the normal value (180), it just depends on the patient's condition.


3) After taking half-body ozone bath, some people will feel dizzy, due to rising blood pressures. If you can tolerate it and continue to use it, the condition will ease day by day. If the symptoms are severe and unbearable, you should go to hospital immediately to prevent further damage.

4) If drinking the ozone water treated by the ozone water purifier for 5-10 minutes instead of daily beverages, under the maintenance of the ozone water function, the control of diet and medicine can be relaxed as appropriate, which can reduce the inconvenience of daily life. It can effectively improve symptoms without side effects.



3. Bacterial and Viral Skin Diseases

1) Soak the affected part with ozone water, or directly blow the infected part several times a day for 20 minutes each time. After a few days, there will be obvious improvement. Combined with drinking treated ozone-rich water, the effect will be better.


2) Ozone has strong sterilization and disinfection ability, and it can improve the effectiveness of more than 90% for bacterial infection of skin diseases without side effects. If you can continue to take ozone bath every day, skin diseases will no longer occur.


Since Ozone bath is so good, do you want to take ozone bath? Please contact us, we can provide you with ozone water sterilizers and ozone water disinfectants, so that you can enjoy the ozone bath.


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