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What Application Areas Can Ozone Be Used In?

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Just like the water we drink and the food we eat, the air we breathe has a great impact on our health. There are some pollutants, pathogens, unpleasant smells, etc. in the air, which can cause various diseases, such as asthma and respiratory diseases. An effective solution is to use ozone for air disinfection. Since ozone is a powerful oxidant, it can eliminate any bacteria, viruses, airborne pathogens and other pollutants in the air. This article mainly introduce the application areas of ozone.



1. Air Conditioner

The organic particles and moisture gathered around the drip tray, condenser coils and air ducts of air-conditioning devices condense, creating an ideal environment for the growth of bio-films. These will not only cause a large number of fungi and bacteria to spread into the air, but also reduce the efficiency and heat transfer of the system. Airborne bacteria and fungi not only pose a major health hazard, but also have an unpleasant smell. By treating the air conditioning system with ozone air purifiers, the accumulation of bio-film can be prevented, thereby preventing the accumulation of bacteria and fungi. This will eliminate unpleasant odors and the spread of health problems such as allergies, rashes, colds, viruses, etc.



2. Hotel Rooms

Indoor air pollution is a serious environmental problem, and it also gives those people living in the room an unpleasant experience. If the hotel rooms are not properly cleaned and thoroughly ventilated, unpleasant odors may be produced, especially when the guest lives in it is a smoker. But ozone can solve this problem. Ozone has a high oxidizing performance, which means that in a short period of time, all bad odors will be eliminated, making the air in the room fresh. Ozone treatment can also reduce the times of cleaning of carpets, curtains and other textiles used in the room.


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3. Industrial Kitchens

Problems often occur in the ventilation system of industrial kitchens. Too much grease in the air passing through the ventilation system will cause substantial problems to the normal filtration system, and the filter is also ineffective against odors. By treating exhaust gas with ozone, these problems can be solved. Ozone reacts with grease in the air, thereby reducing the amount of grease and eliminating odors. The reduction of grease in the exhaust gas means that pipes and channels require less cleaning and maintenance, thereby reducing operating costs.



4. Deodorization

Ozone can help eliminate multiple odors in different situations. It first oxidizes and decomposes odorous molecules, thereby eliminating them. One example is the use of ozone as odor controlling substance in industry. Odor controlling is quickly becoming one of the most discussed topics in industrial environmental issues. The reason for the increased awareness is the expansion of urban population to industrial areas. This forces companies to study the odor pollution generated in their premises. Ozone can be used to treat exhaust gas to eliminate odors. It can also be used in industrial production facilities, barns and breeding facilities.


In addition, ozone can also be used in the water filtration system. Ozone water filters have become more and more popular in life.


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