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The Development Trend of Household Water Purifiers

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Household water purifiers (including ozone kitchen water purifiers) can effectively remove bacteria, germs, heavy metals and other impurities in the water. As of 2018, China's household water purifier market has reached 28 billion yuan. In 2019, the water purifier industry ushered in new development opportunities. The following is an analysis of the development trend of household water purifiers.


The water purification industry in China started late, with a history of only more than 20 years. The market penetration rate is about 5%, which is far behind the 75% penetration rate in countries such as Europe, America and Japan. In 2018, China's water purifier brands have reached 5,600, and the competition is becoming increasingly fierce. However, due to the lack of industry standards, the product quality varies from companies. Next we will introduce the development trend of the water purification industry in 2020.



1. The Flourish of Personalized Water Purifiers.

The market analysis shows that the rise of post-80s consumer groups has driven the consumption trend of product individuation. The term "customization" has become more and more popular with consumers. As far as water purifiers are concerned, from product size to color to material, even to the personalized patterns, consumers have absolute control over their own water purifiers, especially for someone who uses ozone best water purifiers. Therefore, for the manufacturers, in addition to guarantee the functions, they also need to design products which can meet consumers' individual needs.



2. The Market Share of High-end Water Purifiers Has Increased.

With the acceleration of economic development, the middle-class family has grown stronger and the consumption power of mainstream consumer groups has gradually increased, which has also laid the foundation for the development of the mid-to-high-end product market. Rather than focusing on cheap and cost-effective products, customers are more willing to pay for good products that can really meet their needs. In fact, a new market has been popular in the current water purification industry, that is, a market that can satisfy the middle-income but fashionable consumer and at the same time in accordance with their purchasing power.



water purification

3. "Household" will Become the Industry's Sales Highlight and Main Growth Point

Household functions have become the additional edge of water purifiers. As the market continues to heat up, personalized and diversified consumption have become prominent, and innovation and quality have become mainstream. The new products made by well-known manufacturers, compared with traditional water purifiers, have adopted many advanced functions such as household, terminal direct drinking, dual water sources, filter detection, TDS detection, WIFI control, etc. The model has also transformed from a single water purifier to a popular machines with integrated heating or cooling function.


According to the development trend of China's water purifiers, it is not difficult to see that China's water purification industry is undergoing tremendous changes, and the water purification industry is undergoing market segmentation. "Prestigious elegance, stylish, precision quality" has become a question that arouse the attention of more and more water purifier companies, which drives manufacturers to be more vital and innovative. During the innovation, the characteristics of their own company have been formed. For example, some companies focus on ultrafiltration, and some companies focus on reverse osmosis. This is the inevitable result of the current market segmentation of the water purification industry.


It is urgent to ensure the safety of drinking water. Nicoler ozone water purifier has won the recognition of many consumers for its beautiful appearance and small space. Nicoler ozone water treatment has also entered a golden age. At present, the number of water purifier companies in China is increasing at a rate of 30%-40% every year, and the market penetration rate is also increasing at a rate of 5%. In the future, Nicoler ozone water filters will become one of the most promising products in the home appliances industry.


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