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The Application of Ozone in the Textile industry

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With the development of the times and trend renewal, washing, as a special process in the garments finishing, will have a pivotal position in the textile industry. Washing is to use chemical additives, stones (rubber balls), etc. to wash the garments (cloths) in a drum type to achieve the purposes of clothes disinfection, oxidation prevention, decolorization, etc. This article mainly introduces the application of ozone in the textile industry.



1. Working Principle

The ozone gas generated by the ozone generator is fully contacted with the clothes in the drum to achieve the purposes of clothes disinfection, oxidation prevention, decolorization, color fixation, bleaching, patterning, etc.


Ozone is a strong oxidizing gas with super decolorizing ability for all dyeing. Ozone can destroy the fiber and auxochrome groups of these dyes, thereby achieving the decolorization effect, but its effect on various organic dyes is different. It takes 5 minutes to decolorize 90% of basic dyes, and 5-10 minutes for direct dyes. In contrast, azo dyes are more susceptible to oxidation.



2. PH Control

Before ozone bleaching, it is necessary to add 1% sulfuric acid, sulfite and other organic acids to acidify the pulp, so that the pH of the pulp is reduced to below 4 and it will be between 2.5-2.0. Remove the O3 and OH in the heavy metal ions and the alkaline medium, reduce the ineffective decomposition of ozone in bleaching, improving the effects of ozone oxidation and bleaching.



3. Ozone Consumption

After the ozone bleaching, alkali treatment or water washing is carried out to remove the reaction products in time to reduce the consumption of bleaching in the subsequent stage, in order to improve the effect of ozone bleaching and reduce the degradation of carbohydrates by ozone, it is recommended to use 0.5%-1% of ozone in each stage.


58-1-water purification systems

4. Bleaching Temperature and Time

Ozone has strong oxidizing ability and fast reaction. At the same time, it is not stable enough and is easily decomposed under the influence of temperature. Experiments have shown that at 0-10 degrees, the rate of ozone delignification and whiteness improvement is fast enough. At this time, the degradation rate of carbohydrates by ozone is relatively low, so ozone bleaching is usually carried out at room temperature, and the bleaching reaction process can be completed in 5-20 minutes.



5. The Ozone Bleaching is in the Position of Multi-stage Bleaching

Ozone I-stage bleaching is difficult to achieve high whiteness. Excessive application of ozone in I-stage will cause serious degradation of carbohydrates, resulting in yellowing after bleaching. Therefore, it should be combined with O, P, D and other bleaching stages in practical applications. Considering the characteristics of ozone bleaching, the oxygen bleaching stage should be used as much as possible before the ozone bleaching stage. When entering the ozone bleaching stage, the kappa value of the pulp hardness should be lower than 10, preferably controlled to 5-7, and then carry out alkali treatment. Therefore, it is recommended to use OZZP, OPZP, OZPZP and other bleaching processes.


In addition to the application in the textile industry, ozone can also be used for air purification with an automobile air purifier and industrial water treatment with the industrial water filtration system. In short, ozone has been widely used in our production and life.


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