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The Application of Ozone in the Agriculture

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Ozone is a colorless gas with slight odors. When dissolved in water, it becomes a strong oxidant, which has a strong effect on killing living cells. The ozone generator can convert the oxygen in the air into ozone under the ionization action of high-voltage and high-frequency electricity. In recent years, we have achieved good results by using ozone generators to produce ozone in greenhouses to prevent and control vegetable diseases and pests. 



1. The Advantages of Ozone for Pest Prevention.

1) Safe, Efficient and Cheap.

Ozone can prevent a variety of pests at a low cost. Compared with spraying pesticides, ozone spraying is more convenient, efficient and safer. It can greatly reduce the use of pesticides, and prevent vegetable farmers from applying highly toxic and high-residue pesticides, thereby reducing the production cost of vegetables.


2) No Pollution.

Ozone is unstable in dry air and can be quickly decomposed and reduced to oxygen. Therefore, it produces no pollution and residue in plants and fruits, and it is an important way to realize pollution-free vegetable production.


3) Improve Quality and Increase Production.

After experimentation, the number of deformed tomatoes are significantly reduced after using ozone, and the yield increases by about 20%, and the tomatoes are large, pretty, and tasty.



2. How to Use Ozone in the Greenhouse?

1) Seed Treatment

Introduce the ozone gas into the clean water and stir it continuously, then an ozone solution is prepared after 10 minutes. Soak the seeds in the ozone solution for 15-20 minutes to kill viruses, germs and pest eggs on the surface of the seeds.


2) Prevention and Control of Pests in Greenhouses

A. Disinfection. 10 days before planting, the ozone generator can be used in combination with the high temperature stuffy shed to produce ozone in the greenhouse, and the time should be no less than 2 hours.

B. Prevent and control seedbed diseases and insects. First seal the seedbed tightly, release the ozone 1 minute every 10 square meters, and fumigate for 10 minutes, then ventilate for 30 minutes.


air purification

3. Precautions for Using Ozone in the Greenhouse.

1) Reasonably Determine the Amount Applied and Fumigation Time.

The applied ozone amount and the fumigation time should be adjusted appropriately according to different crops and their growth periods. Generally, crops at adult stage are more adaptable to ozone than crops at seedling stage. If the applied ozone amount is too large or the fumigation time in the greenhouse is too long, it will cause the vegetable leaves and flowers to wither, and it will even cause the plant death. As the plant grows, the applied amount and fumigation time can be gradually increased to achieve the goal of preventing pests while ensuring the safety of vegetable crops. The air jet should not directly face the vegetables, and should be at least 0.8-1 meters away from the vegetable plants. It should be ventilated timely after the fumigation time is reached, and the general ventilation time should not be less than 30 minutes.


2) Temperature and Humidity Control.

The indoor temperature of the shed should be kept in the range of 10-30℃ during ozone application, and the prevention and control effect will be better when the air humidity is high.


The application of ozone in our production and life has become more and more popular, such as the application of ozone in waste water treatment, whole house water filtration, and air purification. Therefore, common ozone purification devices appear, including ozone water purifiers, automobile air purifiers, etc.


Nicoler is committed to creating a healthy life. We provide ozone car air purifiers, home water filtration systems, commercial water filtration systems, drinking water filtration systems, etc. We hope everyone to have a healthy living environment.

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