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The Application of Ozone in Poultry Nurture

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Poultry nurture has always been a relatively stable industry in China. According to incomplete statistics, the average annual consumption of chicken meat in China is 7-8kg, while the average consumption of chicken meat in the United States is 30-40kg. There is still a growth space in domestic chicken consumption. However, as people pay great attention to food safety, modern industrialized aquaculture of poultry has begun to shift from popularization to improving production efficiency and product quality. During this transitional period, conventional nurture techniques have showed obvious weaknesses. Taking the most critical measures to prevent plague and disease in chicken nurture for example, new technology breakthroughs must be found to improve nurture efficiency and product quality. Ozone disinfection technology has entered the nurture industry because of its broad-spectrum, high-efficiency, green and safe disinfection characteristics.


Ozone disinfection technology has the following major applications in chicken farms.



1. Air Disinfection and Purification in the Poultry House

The chicken farm is relatively closed and the air circulation is bad. The excrement of chickens not only makes the chicken house smelly, but also make viruses such as Escherichia coli, staphylococcus, Newcastle disease, chicken robbery, and bird flu spread through the air. Existing sterilization and disinfection techniques cannot kill harmful substances in the air, and can seriously affect the health of the breeders.


Ozone can perfectly solve this problem due to its unique disinfection properties. First, ozone decomposes the peculiar smell emitted by poultry excrement, so that the chicken house is filled with a faint green grass fragrance. While decomposing the peculiar smell, it kills E. coli, staphylococcus, Newcastle plague, chicken cholera, avian flu and other viruses in the shed. According to the test by authoritative testing organizations, the killing rate of ozone on bacteria and viruses can reach 99.9%.



64-2-ozone sterilization and disinfection

2. Reduce the Cost of Drug Injection

In order to prevent plague and various diseases, breeders need to continuously inject various vaccines and antibiotics into chickens, which not only increases the nurture cost, but also brings various disadvantages due to continuous accumulation of drugs in the chicken body.


1) Excessive use of chemical drugs will damage the calcium absorption function of chickens, which makes chickens easily lay soft-shelled eggs, and reduces egg production.


2) In terms of food safety, chicken meat carrying auxin and antibiotics is likely to cause harm to human health and affect the market sales of chicken meat. According to related reports: Japanese eggs exported to Europe and the United States and other developed countries are branded with green eggs, and their prices are 200% higher than that of our domestic eggs. They use ozone disinfection technology in breeding, which greatly reduces the use of drugs. The ozone can be produced by ozone generators.



3. Feed the Chicken with Ozone Water Regularly

Ozone is a strong oxidant. It produces intermediate substances such as monoatomic oxygen (O) and hydroxide (OH) in water. Feeding chickens with ozone water can change the intestinal microecological environment of poultry, reduce the number of bacteria living on host nutrition, and increase the activity of starch secreted by beneficial bacteria, which improves the utilization of feed nutrients for poultry, and promotes healthy growth of poultry. In addition, ozone water can effectively prevent intestinal diseases.


In addition to being used for poultry nurture, ozone can also be used for sewage treatment and air purification. In short, ozone has a wide range of applications, and we need to continue to research on ozone applications.


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