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The Application of Ozone in Catering Industry

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The catering companies have paid great attention to brand building and enterprise scale expansion now. In the next few years, the business model of the catering industry will diversify, internationalization will accelerate, and green catering will surely become fashionable. In this process, ensuring food safety has become the consensus of the catering industry. So how to do disinfection and ensure food safety?


At present, ozone disinfection is gradually applied in the catering industry. It has the advantages of flexible disinfection methods, low cost, quick effects, and has no side effects.



1. Ozone Disinfection Methods

1) Use ozone water to clean and soak food. The catering industry should be equipped with zone water treatment systems.

2) Use ozone gas to disinfect the air in the restaurant. You can put an ozone generator or an automobile air purifier in the restaurant.



2. Advantages of Ozone Disinfection

1) It can not only disinfect tableware, but also can disinfect catering venues and kitchen equipment. 


It can degrade pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables and harmful hormones contained in meat products, avoiding food poisoning.


A. Ozone can directly sterilize the kitchen, dining room, knives and kitchen utensils, refrigerators, vegetable racks, breeding grounds, storage rooms, what you need do is to put a mini ozone air purifier in the restaurant.

B. Ozone or ozone water can be used to sterilize tableware that cannot withstand high temperatures, such as plastics and colored porcelain products.

C. Washing vegetables with ozone water can degrade pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables and harmful hormones in meat products.


57-2-automobile air purifier

2) With short disinfection time and simple operation, and there is no need to clean the tableware after disinfection.


To disinfect 100 pieces of tableware (for 8-10 people):

A. The routine disinfection takes about 140 minutes, and the process is as follows:

Decontamination (15 minutes), detoxification soaking (90 minutes), cleaning (15 minutes), disinfection in the disinfection cabinet (20 minutes).

B. Generally, it only takes 38 minutes to disinfect the tableware with ozone water. The process is as follows:

Decontamination (15 minutes), cleaning (15 minutes), disinfection and soaking (8 minutes).

C. It only takes 30 minutes to disinfect the tableware with ozone water. The process is as follows:

Decontamination (15 minutes), cleaning, disinfection and soaking (15 minutes).


3) Ozone disinfection leaves no harmful residues and no secondary pollution.


After ozone disinfection, the ozone decomposes into oxygen by itself, with no peculiar smell, no pollution, and it has the advantages of comprehensive disinfection and good effect.


4) The cost of ozone disinfection is low.


Ozone disinfection mainly uses air as raw material, and its power consumption is much lower than that of disinfection cabinets. After ozone disinfection, the tableware can be used directly without drying.


In addition to being used in the catering industry, ozone can also be used in the medical industry. After treatment with ozone water purifiers and ozone water sterilizers, ozone water can be used for bathing, which has a therapeutic effect on some diseases. At the same time, ozone can also be used for industrial waste water treatment, equipped with waste water treatment systems, factories can achieve zero pollution sewage discharge. 


Nicoler is committed to researching the use of ozone in production and life. We can provide you with ozone water filters and industrial water treatment systems to help you achieve faster and more effective disinfection.

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