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The Advantages of Ozone Sterilization Technology in Poultry Breeding

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Ozone, also known as active oxygen, is a broad-spectrum and highly effective disinfectant. Its bactericidal mechanism is that it acts on the cell membrane of bacteria to damage it, leading to metabolic disorders and death. It directly destroys ribonucleic acid or deoxyribonucleic acid. Ozone can kill Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella, Aspergillus flavus, etc..


Disinfection is an important link in the chickens breeding. It is a prerequisite to ensure normal breeding. The traditional method of raising chickens has a high breeding density and is susceptible to vertical and parallel infections. If the disinfection measures cannot keep up, it will bring serious adverse consequences to the health of the chickens. Applying ozone to the chicken breeding is the most effective way to improve the chicken breeding environment in China.


Traditional sterilization and disinfection methods have their insurmountable limitations, and they are expensive, easy to produce secondary pollution and drug residues. Compared with traditional sterilization and disinfection methods, ozone disinfection has the following advantages:



1. Broad-spectrum

Quickly and thoroughly kill all kinds of pathogenic microorganisms in air, feed and drinking water, effectively remove the odor of ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and other gases produced by feces, and purify the breeding environment immediately.



2. Strong Sterilization Ability

The sterilization ability of ozone sterilization and disinfection is 1.5-5 times that of ultraviolet lamps and 2 times that of chlorine. The sterilization speed in water is 600-3000 times faster than that of chlorine. So it is often used in domestic water treatment.



3. No Dead Spots when Disinfecting

Ozone has good diffusivity, it is easy to spread to dead spots, and the concentration is evenly distributed. It can achieve satisfactory disinfection effects on the surface of irregular objects and hidden dead spots.



4. Green and Environmental Protection

ozone disinfection does not leave any toxic residues, its after-act product is oxygen, and there is no secondary pollution.



5. Abundant Raw Materials

Ozone is produced by air, without the need for raw material storage, which saves the space required for storage.


63-1-sterilization and disinfection techniques

6. Reduce Investment Costs

Applying ozone technology can greatly reduce labor input and the use of chemical antibiotics, improving breeding automation, and reducing the incidence of chicken diseases.



7. Increase Egg Production

Excessive use of chemical drugs will damage the ability of chickens to absorb calcium and add the possibility of them produce soft-shell eggs.



8. Improve Survival Rate

Using ozone disinfection technology can effectively prevent and control blue ear disease, Newcastle disease, and other major livestock and poultry diseases, reduce the incidence of livestock and poultry, reduce mortality, increase survival rate, and promote the healthy and rapid growth of livestock and poultry. It can activate the immune cells and increase the disease resistance of livestock and poultry by more than three times. Poultry are less likely to get disease and are free from disease. 



9. Improve Feed Conversion Rate

Applying ozone disinfection can promote aerobic metabolism of poultry and enhance the digestion and absorption function of poultry, thereby effectively increasing the feed conversion rate. The feed conversion ratio is 1.74:1.


Due to its characteristics, ozone not only has great advantages in poultry breeding, but also plays a great role in sewage treatment and air purification. It is very beneficial to our lives.


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