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Save Water, Save Our Planet

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Water and climate change are inextricably linked. Climate change contributes to water shortage and impacts water quality. How can we make a difference?


1. Turn off the Tap

With the coronavirus outbreak, We wash our hands more often at the moment, so make sure you turn off the tap after you wash your hands. This simple act can save lots of water in just 20 seconds! It’s important to not leave the tap running while you’re brushing your teeth either.



2. Take Water-efficient Showers

Switching to a water-efficient shower head will not only save water but also energy and ultimately money as it will reduce your electricity bill. You can also save water in the bathroom by challenging yourself to a four-minute shower. Try putting on a song you love and finishing up before it ends. By knocking ten minutes off your shower, you can save around 90 liters of water!


Save water by putting a bucket beside you while taking your shower (catching and reusing the water the shower water that runs down while you’re waiting for the water to heat up is such an easy way to reduce water wastage).



3. Start Your Washing Machine Full Load

Do you know 15-20% of water use in the home is in the laundry? You can save around 10 liters of water each wash by starting your washing machine full load. Washing your clothes with cold ozone water treated by ozone water treatment is also a great way to save water and energy. At the same time, it keeps your clothes looking brighter for longer!


By switching to water-efficient appliances, you’ll save water, energy and money.



74-2-water treatment technology

4. Time Your Gardening

Before you give your plants a drink, check the weather forecast to see if rain is due. If it’s windy outside, wait for it to pass before you water your garden as the wind will likely blow most of the water away. The best time to water your plants is in the morning or early evening. Water them between 6pm and 10am to reduce evaporation during the heat of the day.



5. Water Your Garden with Laundry Water

Do you know some laundry products are septic and bio cycle safe (which means that there is no bleach, ammonia or caustic substances used), so they are harmless to plants and grass. Choose such a laundry product is environmental. Instead of wasting the water, put the water tube in a bucket and then throw it on your garden to give your thirsty plants a drink.


As the water shortage has become more and more serious, people have begun to pay more attention to the water recycling, and water treatment devices and water treatment systems have also been greatly developed. I believe that with the development of water treatment technology and people’s water resources protection awareness, the recycling rate of water will be greatly improved.


Do you want to know more about domestic water treatment systems, commercial reverse osmosis systems and industrial waste water treatment systems? please contact us, we can provide you with the most popular ozone water treatment devices currently in the market.

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