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Methods for producing ozone disinfection

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Ozone is a strong oxidant. The sterilization process belongs to biochemical oxidation reaction and has a wide sterilization effect. The oxidation ability of ozone can be used to achieve the purposes of purification, deodorization, decolorization, sterilization and decomposition of organic matters, and can kill various bacterial propagules and spores, viruses and fungi. Do you know by what means ozone can be obtained? Do you know how the most popular ozone water disinfector works now?




1. Methods for producing ozone


Due to the instability of ozone, it is difficult to store ozone in bottles. Generally, ozone generators can only be used for on-site production and can be used as it is produced. Ozone is produced mainly by ultraviolet radiation, electrolysis and high voltage discharge.


1)The ultraviolet irradiation type ozone generator uses ultraviolet rays of a specific wavelength to irradiate oxygen molecules and decompose the oxygen molecules to generate ozone. Due to the large volume, low ozone output and short service life of ultraviolet lamp tubes, this kind of generator has a narrow application range and is commonly used in disinfection cupboards.


2)Electrolytic ozone generator usually generates ozone through electrolytic purified water. This ozone generator can produce high concentration ozone water with low manufacturing cost and simple use and maintenance. However, due to some reasons, this kind of generator is currently only used on some specific small equipment or in some specific places.



3)The high-voltage discharge type ozone generator uses a high-voltage current with a certain frequency to produce a high-voltage corona electric field, so that oxygen molecules in or around the electric field generate chemical reactions, thereby producing ozone. This ozone generator has the advantages of mature technology, stable operation, long service life and large ozone output. At present, it is the most widely used ozone generator in related industries at home and abroad.



2. Ozone water disinfection working principle


When ozone circulates and comes into contact with airborne (or water-borne) pathogens, one of the three oxygen atoms is separated from the ozone molecule, attaching its etf to the pollutant and oxidizing it, finally making it a safer compound.


Ozone best water purifier is such a product designed and developed for various domestic water and clean water. Oxidizing substances and silver ions are dissolved in the water, and a series of treatments are carried out on the water by adopting high-tech nanotechnology, ultraviolet sterilization technology and magnetization technology.


The water treated by ozone water purifier can be used for washing clothes and also has the functions of sterilization, disinfection and softening. Process disinfection can be carried out under the condition of human-computer coexistence, which changes the traditional terminal disinfection. Nicole's water treatment device integrates advanced low-pressure ozone generation technology and water gas self-mixing technology to circularly disinfect and purify the water environment to form micro-positive pressure to prevent the entry of polluting pathogens which always keep water disinfected, clean and healthy.

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