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Is It Harmful to Drink Overnight Water?

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When you sleep, your saliva secretion will decrease. When you wake up, your mouth will be dry and you will get thirsty easily. But whether you can drink overnight water you put on the bedside table at this time?



1. What's in the Water?

Everyone should know that water is not hygienic after being kept in a cup without a lid for a while. Dust, small fragments, and even bugs can fall into your cup overnight. But even sealed containers such as bottles and jars have such hygiene problems too. Because our skin is covered by sweat, dust, skin cells, and even nasal mucus, once our mouth touches the bottle, these things will be backwashed into the water, causing pollution. There are bacteria in saliva, and these bacteria will also enter the water. Dr. MarcLeavey from the Massachusetts Mercy Medical Center said: "The bacteria have multiplied for a few hours, if you drink the water again and you will get sick. Once you touch the bottle with your mouth, it is best to drink it all at once."



2. Will Drinking Overnight Water Make You Be Sick?

The reality is that if the bacteria come from yourself, then the possibility of being sick is relatively low. Although no one advocates that they have never been sick after drinking other people's water, it is definitely unwise to share a glass of water with others, especially those with weak immune systems.


At the same time, there is a widespread claim that bottled water is cleaner than tap water, but this is actually a rumor, because both of them must meet strict hygiene standards and then they can be considered clean.



80-2-water purification systems

3. Where Does the Water Come From?

Can the water left in the car be drunk? The water will become hot in the sun, and then it will become a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, especially water that has been drunk but not finished. Although placing the bottle under the seat can reduce heat, but bacteria will continue to grow.


Some plastic bottles contain bisphenol A or similar chemicals, especially after exposure to the sun, they can seep into the water. Studies have shown that BPA may be related to health problems affecting the brain and behavior, although the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has declared that the transfer level of BPA is within a safe range. Although eliminating the use of BPA-containing bottles can avoid this problem, the growth of bacteria cannot be avoided. If metal bottles are used, the bacteria will only multiply more vigorously.


Keeping hydrated is good for health, but we made the following suggestions: don’t put your mouth on the bottle, pour water into a cup, or pour it directly into your mouth. Don't drink expired water.


To drink healthy and safe water, in addition to ensuring that you do not drink overnight water, you must also pay attention to water purification and disinfection. Use water purification systems and water treatment equipment to improve drinking water safety.


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