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How to Use Household Filter Water Purifier Correctly?

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Nowadays, household Ozone water purifier has been recognized by more and more families, whose main purpose is to ensure the safety of drinking water. However, there will occur many problems in actual use. Therefore, it is very necessary to know some common knowledge of using household filter water purifier.



Principle of Household Water Filter

The domestic Ozone water purifier uses a pump to increase the water pressure so that the water can pass through the filter membrane. Reverse osmosis membrane technology can remove most of the heavy metals such as calcium ion and magnesium ion in water, reduce the hardness of water, remove scale, use activated carbon to absorb various chemical pollutants in water, and improve the taste of purified water. What is more, the household Ozone water filter with ultrafiltration membrane technology can intercept bacteria, red worms, colloids, rust, and sediment in the water.



After Being Used for a period of time, the water output of Household Filter Water Purifier Decreases Obviously

The obvious attenuation of water volume involves water pressure, water source, and water substance, so the water pressure should be checked at first when such a situation occurs. If the increase of particulate matter and turbidity in water body is observed, please contact the professional maintenance personnel of Ozone water sterilizer to take corresponding measures in time.



The Regional Water Flow Is Large, but the water flow of Household Filter Water Purifier Is Opposite


The water flow depends on the natural phenomena of water pipes, taps, and high-low water levels, so you can measure the water pressure with a pressure gauge. If the pressure cannot meet the minimum pressure of the ozone best water purifier, you should take measures to boost the pressure as soon as possible to improve the use of the product.



28-2 Ozone best water filter for home

The Water Made by Household Filter Water Purifier Will Produce White Sediment After Boiling


In the purification function of the Ozone best water filter for home, one of the most prominent points is to retain the necessary trace elements and minerals for the human body. Generally speaking, the effluent of domestic filter water purifier will not produce white precipitate, but if the solubility of compounds in hard water decreases with the increase of temperature, the minerals in water will coagulate or suspend in water after boiling. Besides, this phenomenon sometimes occurs in cold water, which is related to the alkalinity of water. The white sediment formed by minerals in natural water does not affect the quality of the water, so you don't have to worry about it at all.



Will the effluent quality of the Water Purifier Become Worse After Being Idle for A Period of Time?


If you need to leave your Ozone kitchen water purifier idle for a period of time, you had better entrust the distributor with water supply every 1-2 days. Also, you should flush for 30 minutes to ensure that you are drinking clean and safe water when you should use it at the next time.

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