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How to Take an Ozone Bath?

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Ozone bath is an emerging bathing method nowadays. People use ozone water purifiers for ozone water treatment, which can be convenient for their ozone bath. Since 1990s, due to its health care function, ozone bath has gradually been widely welcomed at home and abroad.


Ozone (O3) is an allotrope of oxygen (O2), also known as active oxygen. Since its molecule has one more oxygen atom than oxygen, it is very easy to release an oxygen atom into an oxygen molecule. The newly released oxygen atom has a strong oxidizing ability, only second to industrial fluorine, and its sterilizing ability is 600-3000 times that of chlorine. Pure ozone can be injected into the water in the bathtub to form hydrogen peroxide for bathing, which can play a role in sterilization, disinfection, whitening and health care for the human body, especially suitable for family bathing. To take an ozone bath in a home, a household ozone machine, also called a small ozone generator, can be equipped. The concentration and purity of the ozone machine are suitable for household use and will not produce harmful nitrogen oxides. It can be placed near the bathtub, and when the power is turned on, the air will be continuously sucked into the machine, then the machine can turn the air into ozone through the electric discharge.


Ozone bath can decompose bacteria and dirt on the human skin. The human skin has countless pores, and their main function is to make the skin breathe and excrete part of the body waste out of the body. However, many bacteria and dirt on the surface of the human body tend to block these pores and hinder the respiration and metabolism of the pores. By soaking in ozone water, bacteria and dirt on the body surface can be decomposed, so that the skin is metabolized vigorously, bright and clean.


taking ozone bath

When a person is taking a bath, the pores of the whole body will expand and open regularly. Ozone can also enter the subcutaneous through the sweat glands and sebum of the skin, stimulate the subcutaneous nerves, cause corresponding nerve reflexes, and enter the capillaries at the same time, and circulate with the blood to the various tissues of the body, playing different roles in various organs. In addition to oxidation, it also has the warming effect, which promotes metabolism, activates cells, removes garbage, liver and kidney toxins in the body, improves skin diseases, respiratory and circulatory diseases. It has obvious effects on the blood system, nervous system, endocrine system and immune system, digestion and urinary system. According to the information provided by the Japanese Hot Spring Medical Association, the treatment effective rate is more than 80%. If you take a regular ozone health bath once a day, you can relax your body and your brain.


When taking an ozone bath, it is advisable to take a half-body ozone bath. The water temperature should be about 38℃-41℃, and the water level should be below the heart. If taking the bath correctly, the body above the water level will sweat a lot, and the pores will be extremely expanded. Directly breathing ozone in the water and on the water surface can stimulate the peripheral nerves of the skin, promote the metabolism to produce reflexes, and excrete body dirt through the pores, which play a role in disease prevention and treatment. If you drink a cup of hot salt water while taking a bath, the perspiration effect will be more significant. After 15 minutes, clean the other parts. The whole process should be about 30 minutes. The bathroom should be ventilated, and those with heart disease or high blood pressure should take ozone bath step by step. Do not take a bath longer than 30 minutes for the first time.


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