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How to Purify the Air in the Car?

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When was the last time you replaced the cabin air filters on your car? Do you even know that you have to replace them after your car run every 15,000 miles? Air purifiers admittedly sound like a redundant product at first, but it begins making sense when you realize how truly contaminated the air inside your car can actually get. Air that enters your car’s cabin via the HVAC passes through a filter, and the filter catches the dust and dirt. But considering that it mainly works with the air in the exhaust of other cars, the filter has limited effect. After a long time, its ability to filter out pollutants degrades, leaving you to breathe air that may contain carbon monoxide, bacteria, viruses, microfibers, and pollen. Therefore, air purification and sterilization becomes very important, and a car air purifier is needed.


The pollution inside the car mainly comes from two ways.

1) Harmful gases emitted from the interior of the car, like the newly bought car has the unpleasant smell of the holster of the car seat.

2) There are many places where the smog is more serious, so accordingly, the particles, including PM 2.5 in that area will be more serious.

Therefore, when driving, we should develop good habits.



1. Ventilation

At the same time as you turn on the air conditioner, you can open the window for a while, and perhaps leave a seam for ventilation. Keeping ventilation will not only allow the odor to dissipate as quickly as possible, but also keep the harmful gas out.


67-2-vehicle mounted air purifiers

2. Application of Activated Carbon

After buying a new car, many car owners will choose to use the activated carbon to purify the air inside the car. This method does play a role in adsorbing harmful (substance) gases.

Remember to take out these activated carbon for a while, otherwise the harmful substances that are absorbed easily will be “returned” to yourself.


3. Application of Ozone Generators

Ozone (O3) is an unstable gas comprising three atoms of oxygen. It is unstable because the gas will readily degrade back to its stable state diatomic oxygen (O2), which is formed by free oxygen atoms or free radicals. The free oxygen atoms or radicals are highly reactive and they will oxidize almost anything (including viruses, bacteria, organic and inorganic compounds). So ozone is an enormously powerful disinfectant and oxidizer. Place a small ozone generator in the car to achieve air purification.


4. Application of Car Air Purifiers

The mini car air purifier is very suitable for use in the closed compartment space. There are many vehicle mounted air purifiers in the market. You should understand the parameters and filtering effects when you choose.


In our lives, in addition to the need to purify the air in the car, the air and water at home also need to be purified. The use of ozone technology can achieve air purification and sewage treatment. Knowing more about ozone application technology can allow us to make better use of ozone and improve our life quality.

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