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How to Clean Household Water Purifier

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As we all know, the water purifier needs to be cleaned regularly. The common water purifiers on the market include ozone water purifier, reverse osmosis water purifier, etc. But how do you clean the water purifier? The following content introduces the cleaning method of water purifier to help you clean the water purifier correctly. 


In fact, cleaning the domestic ozone kitchen water purifier is not difficult. First of all, we need to cut off the power supply, remove the water tank of the water purifier, and then remove the detachable parts of the upper part of the ozone water filter, and clean it with clean water. Then, clean water can be injected into the water tank of the water purifier, and the water tank can be cleaned with a clean brush. Finally, the water outlet can be opened to discharge dirty water. If you feel the water purifier is not clean enough, you can also repeat the above steps until you think the water purifier is clean.


The above cleaning method can only simply remove the scale in the water tank, and can not remove the mineral impurities on the internal components such as heating rods. If you want to clean the water purifier more thoroughly, it is recommended to buy a special lotion or cleaning powder for the water purifier. According to the instructions, the lotion or cleaning powder can be mixed with water in the correct proportion to clean the water purifier. If excessive mineral impurities are found in the water, you should repeat the cleaning step until the purifier is clean.



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Other Cleaning Methods for Water Purifier

1. Ozone Cleaning

Ozone cleaning is to use ozone to achieve the purpose of cleaning water purifier. When cleaning, after all the water in the water purifier is discharged, the interface of the ozone generator can be connected to the water inlet of the water purifier. Ozone will enter into the water purifier from the water inlet, thus killing bacteria and other organisms in the water purifier. Ozone at room temperature can only exist for 20 to 50 minutes, and it can be completely decomposed into harmless oxygen, water and carbon dioxide in a few hours. When the ozone disinfection is completed, the water purifier can be used normally after waiting for 1 to 2 hours. However, it should be noted that this cleaning method can not remove the scale and other impurities in the water purifier.


2. Pressure and Filtration Cleaning

At present, there is also a way to clean the water purifier by pressure and filtration. During cleaning, one end of the cleaning machine is connected to the water inlet of the ozone best water purifier, and the other end is connected to the water outlet at the lower part of the water purifier to form a closed-loop cycle. At the same time, it is necessary to use special cleaning agent to clean the water purifier. This method can fully achieve the purpose of cleaning ozone best water filter for home by using the circulating pressure of cleaning machine itself. Then, the scale and impurities can be completely discharged by mechanical pressure.

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