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How to Choose Household Water Purifier (1)

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At present, people pay more and more attention to the quality of drinking water, many people will install a ozone water purifier at home. Choosing an ideal and practical water purifier should consider the following aspects. 



Product Quality

Users must realize the importance of product quality when purchasing ozone kitchen water purifier. The enterprise producing the water purifier must obtain the hygiene license issued by the superior department. Only the products produced by licensed enterprises can guarantee the safety of our drinking water.



Suitable Filter Element

The first generation of ozone water filter mainly used activated carbon and ceramics to filter drinking water. After a long time of use, these materials are easy to breed bacteria and pollute the water source, which can not achieve the effect of water purification. The second generation water purifier uses a variety of artificial polymer membranes to filter drinking water, which has a significant effect on removing harmful substances in water, but it can also filter out the necessary trace elements of human body. The third generation of water purifier adopts the technology of nano microcrystalline filter element, which solves the defects of the second generation water purifier, and can filter harmful substances and heavy metals in water. Therefore, consumers in the choice of water purifier, must understand which filter element is used in the water purifier, and make a choice according to their own needs.



ozone water purifier

Sterilization Requirements

Different ozone best water purifiers have different sterilization methods. Generally speaking, disinfectant, ozone and ultraviolet are the most commonly used methods. Disinfectant can kill bacteria in water, but it may contain toxic substances, which are harmful to human health. UV is a safe and effective disinfection method, which can quickly kill bacteria in water. Because ultraviolet rays disinfect water using physical principles, it does not leave toxic substances in the water. Ozone disinfection is the most effective of the three disinfection methods. When ozone enters water, it can quickly oxidize and kill bacteria in water. Moreover, ozone can decompose into air rapidly at room temperature, which can also improve the oxygen content in water and make water more healthy. Ozone can completely decompose at room temperature, so there is no need to worry about ozone residue in water. 



Perfect After Sales Service System

At present, although the price difference of ozone best water filters for home is relatively large, their prices are not cheap. Therefore, after purchasing the water purifier, consumers will hope that it can work normally for many years. Therefore, consumers need to consider whether manufacturers will provide perfect after sales service when purchasing water purifiers. Generally speaking, the manufacturer will indicate the telephone number, address and other information on the outer package of the water purifier. When our water purifier is out of order, we can call the manufacturer to provide maintenance service. If we buy a water purifier with no after sales service or poor after sales service, when the water purifier fails, we need to use our own money to repair the water purifier, which is not cost-effective. 

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