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How to Choose Domestic Water Purifier(2)

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When buying ozone water purifier, we need to consider its function. For ordinary families, some functions of water purifier may be unnecessary at all, so we should choose water purifier according to our own needs. The more powerful water purifier does not mean that it is more suitable. 



How to Choose Water Purifier

When choosing the ozone kitchen water purifier, it is not that the more the filter element, the better the product. Some low-end ozone water filters may have several filter elements. However, these filter elements are often made of inferior materials, and their filtration effect may be very poor. Instead of choosing this type of water purifier, it is better to choose a water purifier with a high quality filter element. In the last filtration of drinking water, it is recommended to choose disposable filter element, which can effectively avoid secondary pollution of water.



Many well-known electrical brands will have many kinds of electrical products. The goal of these brands is to meet the ordinary life needs of the low and middle end market, so they can only produce low-grade and medium-grade water purification equipment. For domestic water, it often takes many steps to completely filter out the impurities and bacteria in the water. Therefore, the structure and working principle of domestic water purification equipment are very complex. Therefore, it is suggested that consumers buy ozone best water purifiers manufactured by professional manufacturers. The products produced by professional manufacturers not only have good quality, but also provide more professional services for consumers.



Recently, some consumers think that the activated carbon water purifier is out of date, so when choosing the water purifier, they will try to choose products without activated carbon. But this is actually wrong. At present, activated carbon is the best filtration and adsorption material in nature. Almost all water purifiers use activated carbon to purify water. If activated carbon is not used, no matter how high the filtration accuracy of the water purifier is, the taste of the water filtered by it will not be very good. There are three kinds of activated carbon: granular, powdered and activated carbon rod. The first two are cheap but lame. The latter is a better choice, which can almost completely filter the impurities in water.


In order to publicize their products, some manufacturers will say that their filter elements do not need to be replaced. But in fact, the filter element that will be blocked is a good filter element, which also shows that the water purifier does have the effect of water purification. Some manufacturers claim that the filter elements in their products does not be replaced for three to five years, which is only a way used to attract consumers. Therefore, when choosing ozone best water filter for home, do not choose cheap products to save money. Otherwise, it may cause more losses due to poor product quality. In addition, the service life of high-quality filter element is often longer than that of inferior product, and has better filtering effect.

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