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How does ozone clean the air?

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How does ozone clean the air?

Although ozone sterilization method has been recommended in China for a long time, the application of ozone in various disinfection places has only begun to heat up in the past two years. Today, I'd like to introduce how ozone is applied to air disinfection and sterilization.


ozone air purification


Disinfection and sterilization of space

In the pharmaceutical production process, for the effective control of microorganisms in the clean environment of aseptic production and clean production, it is necessary to select appropriate disinfectants to kill the bacteria in the air and floating on the surface of mechanical equipment, molds, containers and buildings in the clean environment, so as to maintain the corresponding clean environment (aseptic room) necessary for the production of "aseptic drugs".


For clean rooms other than air conditioning purification system or other rooms requiring sterilization, sterilization treatment shall be carried out separately. The method is to select ozone generator and install it directly in the room. Setting the disinfection time according to the needs, the ozone generator will be shut down automatically after disinfection, so it is very convenient to use. For rooms with water cleanliness requirements, ozone water filters are installed in the unit to make the ozone generator self-cleaning. The ozone concentration is designed as 10-20ppm and the machine is selected and used according to the volume of room space. As long as the requirements of ozone concentration are met, the goal of disinfection and sterilization can be achieved, which is much easier than fumigating the room with chemical reagents. 

water purification

Advantages of ozone in space disinfection and sterilization

(1) High efficiency

ozone air disinfection takes air as the medium and does not need any other auxiliary materials and additives. The ozone generator produces a certain amount of ozone during the disinfection process. In a relatively sealed environment, it can achieve the goal of all-round rapid and efficient disinfection and sterilization.


(2) High purity

The rapid and natural decomposition of ozone into oxygen is a unique advantage of ozone as a disinfectant. Ozone is produced by using oxygen in the air, without any residue, which solves the problem of secondary pollution caused by disinfectant disinfection method and eliminates the recleaning after disinfection.


(3) Convenience

Ozone sterilizer is generally installed in clean room or air purification system or sterilization equipment (such as ozone sterilization cabinet, transfer window, etc.). Set the opening and running time of sterilizer according to time according to the sterilization depth and time of debugging and verification, which is convenient for operation and use.


In addition, ozone can also be used for disinfection and sterilization of water, such as ozone kitchen water purifier and ozone pharmaceutical factory water purifier. According to different water quality requirements, different processes can be used for ozone disinfection. Ozone water treatment mainly produces ozone through ozone generator and then purifies water twice by flowing through ozone water filter and ozone water sterilizer. Finally, pure domestic water is ready for us.

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