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How Much Do You Know About Water Purifier?

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In the process of using ozone water purifier, there will inevitably be some problems, including the quality problem of water purifier and some non-quality problems.


White Floating Objects Appear in the Effluent of Water Purifier


In order to ensure the water permeability, the surface must have hydrophilic property, which should use hydrophilic modifiers for modification in general. The general hydrophilic agent (protective liquid) has a certain two affinity properties, which is conducive to the stability of foam. Popularly speaking, the foam is produced by the retention of trace hydrophilic agents in the Ozone water filter, while medical grade and food grade hydrophilic agents do not cause harm to the human body.


When the tap water is transported through the pipe network under pressure, the solubility of the gas in the pipe network and the air in the water will increase. At the same time, it must be pressurized by the pump to increase the power when the tap water enters the Ozone kitchen water purifier. The water pump increases the pressure on the dissolved gas in the water, making the gas molecules smaller, thus further increasing the solubility. Because there is always pressure in the system and the gas molecules cannot be released, the gas molecules will expand into bubbles when the pressure on the gas molecules suddenly disappears. The bubbles can be observed by the naked eye when the part of the water flows out of the Ozone best water filter for home. What's more, there are often a large number of tiny bubbles gushing out, and the milky white water will gradually disappear, which is a normal physical phenomenon and will not affect the drinking water.


The white phenomenon of tap water is mainly due to the fact that a certain amount of air is inhaled in the process of pumping and local water pipe maintenance. Air will dissolve in water and form very fine bubbles under the action of pressure. The pressure and flow rate of water will change greatly when water is transported by water pipe, which will produce a large number of tiny bubbles with the outflow of tap water. After few seconds of standing, bubbles disappear naturally and the water will become clear.


Generally speaking, the protective fluid in the filter element of Ozone best water purifier only needs to be flushed for a few minutes after installation. You don't have to worry about the water purifier is not clean because none of the materials used in the Ozone water sterilizer are harmful to human health. The pure physical filtration method is adopted for filtering water, so the abnormality is also caused by some physical phenomena, which will not affect the water quality itself.



Water Purifier Leakage


The quality problem of the product itself. The Ozone water purifier leakage may be caused by the unqualified quality of the water purification product parts or the failure of the production personnel to connect the internal parts of the water purifier properly. For such problems, you can apply for return and exchange.

Material loss of Ozone generator. The water purifier will form loss and aging with the passage of time, thus resulting in water purifier leakage, which should be contacted for on-site maintenance.

The joints of the Ozone best kitchen water purifier were not tightened and fixed during installing, which can be solved by professional maintenance personnel's inspection and re installation.

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