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History of Ozone Development

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As early as 1785, when German physicist Von Malum conducted experiments with high-power motors, he found that when air flows through a series of sparks, it will produce a special smell, but he did not study the gas in depth. Since then, in 1840, Schubein also found a unique odor in the process of electrolysis and spark discharge experiments, and concluded that it was produced by a new gas, thus announcing the discovery of ozone. 


During the first World War, some German soldiers first used ozone to treat skin gangrene caused by anaerobic infection. In 1936, P. Aubourg, a French doctor, first advocated ozone injection into the rectum to treat colitis. Since then, medical researchers and medical workers have made rapid progress in the clinical application of ozone. In Europe, ozone has been used in clinic for more than 50 years. Since 1990s, ozone has been used in China. Medical workers mainly use ozone in the treatment of lumbar disc herniation, scavenging free radicals and anti-aging. After that, the clinical application of ozone has developed rapidly, and it is becoming a new drug and method with wide application and powerful effect.



Ozone is a kind of strong oxidant. Its molecule is very unstable, and it can decompose and produce monoatomic oxygen (O) and hydroxyl (OH) with strong oxidation ability. Ozone can quickly integrate into the cell wall, destroy the internal structure of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms, and has a strong killing effect on various pathogenic microorganisms. Ozone can oxidize and decompose the enzymes needed for glucose in bacteria, which makes bacteria dead. Ozone can act on the genetic materials in bacterial cells, such as purine and pyrimidine in nucleic acids, destroy their organelles, DNA and RNA, destroy the metabolism of bacteria and cause bacterial death. Ozone can react with the lipid double chain of bacterial cell wall, and can penetrate the cell membrane and invade the cell interior. After that, ozone will act on lipoproteins in the outer membrane and lipopolysaccharides in the inner membrane, causing bacteria to undergo permeability distortion and dissolve and die. Ozone can act on the four polypeptide chains of the capsid protein of the virus, and damage the RNA of the virus, thus destroying the protein of the virus. After the phage was oxidized by ozone, its epidermis was broken into many pieces, from which many ribonucleic acids were released, interfering with its adsorption on the host.


Since the 1980s, people have been using ozone to disinfect drinking water and treat industrial wastewater. People have also made ozone water filter, ozone water sterilizer and other products. However, at present, most water purification plants still use chlorine and bleaching powder to disinfect the water. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase an ozone water purifier at home. Using ozone to disinfect drinking water can not only quickly kill bacteria in the water, but also prevent drinking water from being polluted by disinfectants. With the improvement of people's life quality, more and more people will choose ozone water purifier.

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