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Functions and Types of Water Purifier

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Water purifier can purify domestic water and protect our health. Therefore, many people will install a water purifier at home. But most people do not know the types of water purifiers and the characteristics of different water purifiers, so they will be confused when buying water purifiers. The following article introduces the types of water purifiers and the uses of various water purifiers, hoping it can help you choose th e right water purifiers. 




The pre-filter is installed at the front end of the water pipeline. This equipment is a coarse filtration equipment, used to filter sand and other large particles to protect the water purification equipment and shower head behind. Its filtration accuracy is generally 90 to 110 microns. The pre-filter is not expensive, after all, it is only a device to complete the coarse filtration step. Some pre-filters also have PP cotton, which can improve the filtration accuracy of the equipment, but it needs to be replaced regularly.



Ozone Water Purifier

Ozone water purifier is a kind of equipment that uses ozone to kill bacteria and viruses in water. Ozone can complete ozone water treatment in two ways. One is to directly react with pollutants in water. In this process, ozone can oxidize some macromolecular natural organic compounds in water, such as humic acid, fulvic acid, and some volatile organic pollutants and some inorganic pollutants, such as iron and manganese ions. Direct oxidation is slow and selective, that is, ozone molecules can only react with organic pollutants or metal ions containing unsaturated bonds in water. The other way is indirect oxidation. Partial decomposition of ozone produces hydroxyl radicals which act with organic matters in water. Indirect oxidation is very fast, non selective and can react with a variety of pollutants. 



Water Softener

Ordinary water contains a large number of calcium ions and magnesium ions. When the water is heated, calcium ions and magnesium ions will form water scale. The water softener can remove calcium and magnesium ions in water by ion exchange resin, reduce the hardness of water and reduce the scale in water. Drinking hard water for a long time, will lead to dry skin and dry hair. In addition, the scale in hard water will accumulate in the water heater, reducing the service life of the water heater. If you use hard water to wash clothes, it will make them stiff and fade. Therefore, it is necessary to buy a water softener.


ozone water purifier

Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier

The core part of reverse osmosis water purifier is reverse osmosis membrane (RO membrane), whose filtration precision can reach 0.0001 micron. In addition to filtering large particles of impurities, it can also remove ionic impurities in water. Only water molecules can pass through RO membrane. Although this kind of water purifier has high filtration performance, it is also very expensive. First of all, this water purifier needs a lot of consumables. Secondly, in the process of water purification, it will produce a lot of waste water, causing waste of water resources. For ordinary families, an ozone best water purifier can meet the needs of purifying domestic water.

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