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Functions Of Ozone Water Processor

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Fortunately, human civilization is constantly advancing. Nature has endowed us with many treasures so that now we can not only understand all kinds of bacteria and viruses that are invisible to the naked eye, we can even kill them with accuracy. What can you think of? Observing bacteria with a microscope and sterilize bacteria with various targeted chemicals? No, we discovered the role of "ozone" long ago. People apply ozone in many fields.



Ozone can oxidize the glucose oxidase necessary for decomposing glucose in bacteria, and directly interact with bacteria and viruses, destroying its organelles and ribonucleic acids, decomposing large polymers such as DNA, RNA, proteins, lipids and polysaccharides, and destroying bacteria Metabolism and reproduction. It can penetrate cell membrane tissues, acting on outer membrane lipoproteins and internal lipopolysaccharides, causing permeability distortion of cells, leading to cell lysis and death. Killing bacteria can be divided into three steps: bacteriostasis, sterilization and bacteriolysis. Ozone sterilization is a bacteriolytic agent, that is, it can "completely and permanently destroy all microorganisms inside objects".

ozone water purifier

The common sterilization and disinfection product all have certain limitations However, our Nikolaer Oxygen Sterilizing Water Processor, a broad-spectrum sterilizing product, can also be used in washing machines to keep the clothes bright, soft and clean. For example, after washing the clothes in the washing machine, if you forget to dry it and leave it there for some time, the next time you see it, you will find it’s smelly. After washing with ozone water, the clothes will stay refreshing and clean.


bathe pet with ozone water

We can also use it to bathe pets. The ordinary shampoo will have the smell of cleansers. When it encounters sweat, it will produce an indescribable taste. Then, after washing the pet with our active oxygen water, your pet will have a refreshing smell for a long time. So you can see how powerful ozone water is with eliminating odors.

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