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Do you want to know that the meat you eat is fresh?

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Meat food is always indispensable in life. It can not only be cooked into a variety of delicious food for people to enjoy, but also contains rich nutrients which can produce a lot of health care effects on the body. And the most amazing thing is that meat contains a lot of protein, which is the nutrients needed by the human body and is very beneficial to health. Protein in different meat foods has different health care effects on human body. Therefore, it is good for human health to eat fresh meat in proper amount.


The freshest ingredients can cook the most delicious food, but do you know what kind of food you eat? At the moment when food comes into contact with air space, a series of bacteria groups are quietly changing food. A fly passing by means that the bad guy has laid white eggs on it. However, this is only one of the visible pollution of food. Other microorganisms brought by the air and flies are rapidly multiplying and polluting food in a way invisible to the naked eye.


Ordinary water can't wash away the contamination on the food surface. Recently, people are concerned about the news that they should not directly wash the raw meat products under the tap to prevent splashing pollution. In addition, you should avoid rubbing eyes and nose with hands when touching fresh food materials in the process of purchase and production. Food and beauty are the only things in life. Fortunately, the pace of human civilization is endless. Now we can not only understand the invisible bacteria and viruses, but also kill them accurately. We can observe bacteria with a microscope or sterilize them with a variety of targeted drugs, but now simpler methods are available. People put the original protective coat of the earth and nature "ozone" into use in various applications around us.


I believe you are not unfamiliar with ozone. Ozone can oxidize and decompose glucose oxidase, which is necessary for glucose decomposition in bacteria and directly interact with bacteria and viruses. By destroying its organelles and RNA and breaking down DNA, RNA, protein, lipids and polysaccharides and other macromolecular polymers, the material metabolism, growth and reproduction of bacteria can be destroyed. In addition, ozone can permeate the cell membrane and act on the outer membrane lipoproteins and the inner lipopolysaccharides to cause the cell permeability distortion. Finally, ozone leads to cell lysis death and death of genetic genes, parasitic bacteria, parasitic virus particles, phage, mycoplasma and pyrolytic denaturation in the dead bacteria. Ozone sterilization can completely and permanently eliminate all microorganisms inside the object. Therefore, we have the active ozone water purifier.



NBNICOLER ozone best water filter for home integrates advanced low-pressure ozone generation technology and water gas self-mixing technology to prevent the entry of contaminating pathogens by circulating disinfection and purification of water environment and forming micro positive pressure. The ozone water purifier is always kept in a state of disinfection, cleanness and health. Our ozone kitchen water purifier can clean ordinary water and generate ozone water. There are dozens of viruses and bacteria such as Escherichia coli and Golden Grape ball on the food. It is impossible to remove bacteria with ordinary water. Viruses are objects that can't be seen or touched by the naked eye. Long term consumption of bacteria will certainly cause harm to human body.


Ozone is a very strong gas oxidant and disinfectant, which can directly destroy the ribonucleic acid or deoxyribonucleic acid substances and kill bacteria by effectively making microbial cells produce a variety of reactions from outside and inside. The ozone in the ozone water produced by NBNICOLER ozone water sterilizer first acts on the cell membrane of bacteria and viruses to damage the components of the membrane, resulting in metabolic disorders and inhibit its growth. Under the action of ozone, the cell membrane expands and its tissue will be easily destroyed by ozone. After treatment, meat and vegetables can be kept fresh.


We can completely kill bacteria and achieve pesticide free effect by soaking all kinds of raw meat and vegetables bought home in proper ozone water for ten minutes. The fresh-keeping period of vegetables, fruits and meat soaked by ozone water filter can be prolonged by more than one time.

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