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Do You Know the New Food Preservation Methods?

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The preservation and processing of agricultural products is the "second-production economy" in the process of agricultural reproduction. Developed countries put the preservation and processing in the first place in agriculture. In addition to the high added value brought by preservation and processing, it reduces the loss of existing fruits and vegetables, which can bring nearly 100 billion yuan benefits to the society. What's more, after China's accession to the WTO, fruits and vegetables are one of the most promising agricultural products that can enter the international market. Therefore, we should seize this favorable condition and rare opportunity.


The new food preservation method is a method of applying ozone gas in the cold storage room to keep fruits and vegetables fresh. Ozone has been used in cold storage room for nearly one hundred years. In 1909, the French Deporti freezing plant used ozone to sterilize chilled meat. In 1928, the Americans established the "Heg Kee Egg Factory" in Tianjin, and the egg-breaking room was disinfected with ozone. With the improvement of manufacturing technology of ozone generators, ozone is used more and more widely in food storage.



1. The Application of Ozone

Ozone can be used for sterilization, disinfection, deodorization, and preservation with its strong oxidizing properties. Due to the instability of ozone, it is more advantageous to use it for food storage and preservation. Since its decomposition is oxygen, it will not leave harmful residues in the stored food and fruits.



2. The Effect of Ozone

According to research by Tsinghua University, ozone has three effects in cold storage: one is to kill microorganisms to achieve disinfection and sterilization, the other is to oxidize and deodorize various odorous organic and inorganic substances, and the third is to make the metabolism products oxidation, thereby playing a role in food preservation.



3. The Preservation Process of Ozone

1) Initial Treatment

Wash fruits and vegetables with ozone water after picking and before storage.

Purpose: To remove bacteria and pesticide residues on the surface of fruits and vegetables.

Requirements of ozone water concentration: 3 mg/L


2) Fresh-keeping Warehouse

The fruits and vegetables should be cleaned as much as possible. After being transported into the warehouse, try to avoid personnel entering and ensure the airtightness of the warehouse to avoid secondary pollution.

The ozone water sterilizer and the ozone water purifier used in the cleaning process should be selected according to the flow of water or the volume of the tank.

60-2-automobile air purifier


3) Preservation of Fruits and Vegetables

During storage, fruits and vegetables will release ethylene or carbon dioxide gas. These gases are the root reason of physiological changes in fruits and vegetables, leading to early maturity, aging and deterioration. In order to eliminate the effects of ethylene and carbon dioxide emitted by the fruits and vegetables, we should use effective and safe preservation methods. Although there are many kinds of preservatives, according to the way of removing ethylene, they are divided into adsorption type represented by activated carbon and oxidative decomposition type represented by potassium permanganate. The former type has a high removal rate, but it will fail after the adsorption is saturated, it will lose its effect. The latter type has shortcomings of slow removal speed and insignificant preservation effect. Compared with these two types, ozone technology stands out.


Ozone has excellent fresh-keeping function, it inhibits the metabolism of fruits and vegetables and the growth and spread of pathogenic bacteria, delays the maturity and senescence of fruits and vegetables, promotes wound healing, enhances disease resistance, and prevents decay and deterioration.


Ozone can be used not only for the preservation of fruits and vegetables, but also for domestic waste water treatment and air purification. All you need is to have an ozone water filter and an automobile air purifier.


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