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Commonsense about Water Purifier

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There are many kinds of water purifiers on the market, such as ozone water purifier and reverse osmosis water purifier. Many people will have some concerns when choosing water purifiers. Here are some commonsense about ozone best water purifiers.



Q: Reverse osmosis water purifier can filter minerals in water. Is it harmful to people's health to drink this water for a long time?


A: We all know that the human body needs some minerals to be healthy. Our food is our main source of minerals. However, the mineral content in the water is very low, and not all the minerals in the water are bad for the body. Therefore, drinking water purified by reverse osmosis water purifier will not cause adverse effects on the body.



Q: When reverse osmosis water purifier purifies water, it will produce some waste water. Where does the waste water come from?


A: There are two main sources of waste water, one is flushing waste water, the other is filtering waste water. The flushing waste water is produced by flushing RO membrane. Before water purification, the water purifier will wash RO membrane with water to avoid blockage of RO membrane. The filtering waste water is produced when the water purifier works, which contains a lot of pollutants.

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Q: Does the water softener consume a lot of electricity?


A: The power of the water softener is about 3W, and its power is almost the same as that of a mobile phone charger. In addition, the softener will only produce 5% of the waste water when it works, and the remaining 95% of the water is purified. Water softener needs salt to complete water purification. Generally speaking, 0.5 kg salt is needed to purify one ton of water. But according to the hardness of water, the amount of salt required is also different.



Q: Is the water softener easy to operate?


A: The water softener is fully automatic, so there is no need to operate it manually. You just need to add salt to the salt tank every three to six months. 



Q: Is the water treated by the water softener drinkable?


A: It is better not to drink the water treated by the water softener directly. Because the water softener can only remove calcium ions and magnesium ions and other impurities in the water, but can not remove heavy metals and chlorine impurities in water. Therefore, drinking this water directly may have adverse effects on the body.



Q: Is the water treated by water softener salty?


A: The salt in the water softener is used to flush the raw water. After flushing, the machine will drain the brine. Therefore, the water treated by the water softener is not salty. If you find that the water is a little salty, it means the flushing time is too short, which can be adjusted.



Q: Do you need to install water softener when you install floor heating at home? 


A: If you install floor heating in your home, be sure to install water softener. Because hard water will leave a lot of scale in the water pipe of floor heating, it is difficult to clean up. If a water softener is installed, this problem can be solved. 

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