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Clinical Application of Ozone

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Ozone is a common gas. Ozone can not only block the sun's ultraviolet rays, but also be used to treat diseases. The following content introduces the clinical application of ozone.



Ozone in the Treatment of Disc Herniation

In clinic, ozone is often used to treat disc herniation. Now, doctors usually use laser vaporization decompression combined with ozone intervention to treat disc herniation. The doctor will insert a needle in the place where the disease occurs, and then inject a certain concentration of ozone into the intervertebral disc through the needle, so as to play an anti-inflammatory and analgesic role. In this process, the patient is under local anesthesia, so he will not feel pain. This method is an efficient treatment method, without side effects, and is being adopted by various hospitals.



Ozone in the Treatment of Viral Liver Disease

Ozone is also effective in the treatment of acute and chronic viral hepatitis. Because the liver cells of patients with viral hepatitis are damaged by virus, they have inflammatory reactions such as edema and denaturation. Ozone is a strong oxidant, which can rapidly denature RNA of virus, stop metabolism of bacteria, and thus play an anti-inflammatory role.


Ozone is also used in the treatment of viral hepatitis because it can enhance human immunity, induce the production of cytokines and protect the liver. Research data also show that ozone can reduce transaminase in patients, reduce the number of viruses in vivo, and inhibit virus replication, which is a new treatment method with no toxic side effects.



Ozone in the Treatment of Hypoxic-ischemic Diseases

According to reports, 12 patients with arteriosclerosis were treated with 9 times of high pressure ozone respectively. As a result, their total cholesterol decreased by 8.34% and LDL decreased by 17.9% on average. However, factor Ⅷ activity did not show significant changes. This shows that this method does not harm the vascular endothelial system of patients, while the decrease of total cholesterol and LDL is conducive to lower limb movement Improvement of pulse hardening. 


Now, doctors have used ozone to treat gynecological infections, such as candidal vaginitis. In addition, ozone water can also be used to treat chronic cervicitis. Ozone can also be used to treat asthma and burn, and achieved good results. 


Ozone has been used in clinical practice for no more than 50 years, but it has shown its advantages in many aspects and is gradually replacing some traditional treatment methods. In 1999, the International Medical Ozone Association (IMO) was launched and established in Italy. Its main purpose is to promote the basic research and clinical application of ozone, and to provide the standard for clinical treatment. At present, the association is working with a large number of medical workers to find new methods and new directions of ozone application in clinical practice.


In addition to clinical applications, ozone can also be used to purify water. Therefore, a large number of products, such as ozone water purifier, ozone water filter and ozone water deinfector have been sold in the market. 

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