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Can We Drink Rainwater?

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Have you ever wanted to drink rainwater? Imagine yourself running outside when it is raining, stretching your arms out, opening your mouth and taking in that clean, fresh and cool rainwater! However, is rain water drinkable?


1. Can We Drink Rainwater Directly?

The common misconception is that all rainwater is safe to drink, but unfortunately, that is not the case. Since the rain has to pass through the stratosphere before eventually falling to the ground, you might find yourself drinking contaminants that could potentially make the water more harmful.


When hiking or trekking, you will need to find out if the area has any radioactive residue that might cause some harm to your body. Radioactivity will pollute the water, making it poisonous and even causing death.


The water discharged from major factories near industrial areas can turn the rain into acid rain and drinking such polluted rain can cause damage to your body.



2. How To Make Rainwater Safe To Drink?

Fortunately, it is possible to make rainwater safer to drink and it will also be better if you do use these methods in any case to ensure that the water is safe and ready to drink. Generally, there are 2 things you need to keep in mind.


1) Boiling: Boiling the rainwater will kill off all of the pathogens in the water and it could also help kill additional bacteria that might cause dehydration in the long term. The bacteria in the water is invisible to the naked eye, but it is best not to take chances and to boil it anyway for your own safety.


2) Filtering: Using a simple home filtration device, you could easily filter the rainwater. This might not kill off any of the bacteria, but it will certainly remove some of the pollen and dust that could cause a nasty taste. However, by purifying the water before boiling it, you will be able to have cleaner and safer water.



70-2-disinfection methods

3. Ozone Water Disinfection for Rainwater

Using ozone water disinfection is advantageous compared to more traditional disinfection methods, such as chlorine or UV disinfection. Firstly, ozone is more effective at deactivating viruses and bacteria than any other disinfection treatment, at the same time, it requires very little contact time, thus reducing the overall treatment residence time while simultaneously leaving no chemical residues.


Ozone treatment also prevents re-growth of micro-organisms, but it bases on that the other processes in the disinfection process have been successful in reducing particulates in the wastewater stream. Ozone is also produced on site and does not require shipping, thus it can move complications like safety and environmental issues associated with chemical handling.


Nicoler offers premium disinfection technology through our in-house design and production of ozone generation systems. The ozone system can be installed to a side-stream of an existing water treatment system. Nicoler also offers complete water treatment systems. If you are interested, please contact us.

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