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Can Pregnant Women Drink Water Extracted from Water Purifier?

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As we all know, pregnant women must pay attention to things they eat, because it is directly related to the health of the baby. Now water pollution is serious and there are too many impurities in tap water, so it cannot be directly drunk by pregnant women. Water pollution may lead to a miscarriage of pregnant women or birth defects of babies. It is one of the ecological problems that cannot be ignored, which mainly comes from industrial sewage, agricultural production pollutants (pesticides, chemical fertilizers), and domestic garbage. The polluted water contains heavy metals, carcinogens, and inorganic compounds. Ozone water treatment is an effective household appliance for filtering polluted water, but many people are not sure whether it is suitable for pregnant women. Therefore, pregnant women should drink water that is filtered through by an ozone water filter.



1. Rust

When the water in the Ozone kitchen water purifier is transported by a galvanized iron pipe, water and iron will oxidize and form red iron oxide, which will form black ferric oxide after further oxidation.



2. Other Heavy Metals

In the process of water transportation, lead and other heavy metals will dissolve into the water, so long-term drinking will not only increase the burden of the human liver and kidney, but also easily cause liver, kidney, heart, and nervous system diseases.



3. Chlorine

Chlorine is not only a strong oxidant but also a water disinfectant widely used in the world, with a pungent smell and taste odor. Residual chlorine is the amount of chlorine left in the water after chlorine is added into tap water and exposed to chlorine for a certain period of time. According to the international requirements, the safe amount of residual chlorine is 0.05 mg / L water at the end of the pipe network (at the tap of domestic tap water) to control the growth of bacteria in the transportation process, so the municipal tap water contains residual chlorine.


31-3 Ozone water filter

4. Bacteria


Water contains nutrients and has relative thermal stability, which provides an excellent environment for the growth and reproduction of all kinds of bacteria. Even if the water contains a very small amount of nutrients, bacteria and viruses will still survive and breed, which is particularly harmful to the human body.


Many people think that the longer we boil the tap water, the better, because it can fully ensure the safety of our drinking water. Therefore, they are willing to continue heating for a few minutes after the water boils. However, it's worth noting that doctors suggest that this behavior may increase the risk of cancer.


Ozone products redefine the safety of the home environment, which can also design and develop for the domestic water and cleaning water. NICOLER ozone water purifier aims to dissolve oxidizing substances and silver ions in the injected tap water. Also, it applies high-tech nanotechnology, ultraviolet sterilization technology, and magnetization technology to tap water for a series of treatments. Therefore, it is absolutely possible for pregnant women to drink water extracted from the ozone generator. For their own and children's health, installing the ozone best water purifier is the best choice.

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