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Can Ozone Be Used for Disinfection of Domestic Water?

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Ozone is a kind of gas. Only by dissolving ozone in water ,making the water contain a certain concentration of ozone, and maintaining a certain reaction time, can sterilization and disinfection be achieved.


Ozone has a very high sterilization efficiency when used for drinking water disinfection, but it often requires a larger amount of ozone(Maybe you need a large ozone generator) and a longer reaction time when used in sewage disinfection. The main reason is that there are high pollutants in the sewage, such as COD, NO 2-N, chroma and suspended solids. These substances will consume ozone and reduce the sterilization ability of ozone. Only after necessary pretreatment, ozone disinfection can be more economical and effective.



1. Advantages of Ozone Water Treatment

The ozone water treatment is economical and effective, and there is no secondary pollution.

1) Ozone is an excellent oxidant, which can kill viruses and spores with strong chlorine resistance.

2) Ozone disinfection is less affected by the pH and temperature of sewage.

3) Ozone removes pollutants such as color, smell, taste, phenol and chlorine in sewage, increases dissolved oxygen in water, and improves water quality.

4) Ozone can decompose difficult-to-biodegradable organic matter and tertiary substances, and improve the biodegradability of sewage.

5) Ozone is easy to decompose in water and will not cause secondary pollution.


59-1-purifying drinking water

2. Influencing Factors of Ozone Water Treatment

1) Water Quality: It is mainly affected by COD, NO2-N, suspended solids and chromaticity in water.


2) The Added Ozone Amount and The Remaining Ozone Amount: The remaining ozone amount plays an important role in disinfection. When purifying drinking water, the remaining ozone concentration is required to be 0.4mg/L. At this time, coliform bacteria in drinking water can meet the requirements of water quality standards. When disinfecting the sewage, the remaining ozone can only exist for a short time. When the water quality is good, the higher the free ozone content, the better the disinfection effect.


3) Contact Time: The contact time required for ozone disinfection is very short, but this process is also affected by water quality. In addition, studies have found that at the initial residence time, ozone has a continuous disinfection effect within 10 minutes, and it will not maintain continuous disinfection effect after 30 minutes.


4) The contact method of ozone and sewage will also affect the disinfection effect. If the bubbling method is adopted, the smaller the dispersion of bubbles, the higher the utilization rate of ozone, and the better the disinfection effect. The size of the bubbles depends on the diffusion aperture size, water pressure and surface tension and other factors. Mechanical mixers, reverse screw fixed mixers and water jets all have a good water-gas mixing effect and can be used for industrial sewage ozone disinfection.


When carrying out domestic sewage treatment, ozone is often not 100% absorbed and utilized by sewage, so there is still a part of ozone in the remaining exhaust gas. If it is directly discharged into the atmosphere, it will pollute the environment and endanger human health. Therefore, the remaining ozone should be used as much as possible. If it cannot be used, it must be handled.


In water treatment, we often use devices such as ozone water purifiers, ozone water filters, ozone water sterilizers, etc, which can greatly improve the quality and efficiency of water treatment.

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