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Best Kitchen Ozone Water Purifier for Home

The active oxygen sterilization water processor is a product designed and developed for various domestic water and cleaning water Oxidizing substances and silver ions are dissolved in the incoming water, and high-tech nanotechnology, ultraviolet sterilization technology and magnetization technology are used a series of treatment is carried out fortap water.The treated tap water can wash clothes, but also has sterilization, disinfection softening function. The process disinfection can be carried out under the condition of human-machine co-existence, which changes the traditional terminal disinfection. Nikoll's water treatment unit integrates advanced low-pressure ozone generation technology and water gas self mixing technology to disinfect and purify the water environment circularly and form micro positive pressure to prevent the entry of contaminating pathogens. Keep the water disinfected, clean and healthy all the time.
  • NL-01


Ozone concentration  0.3-0.8mg/L in water 
Water outlet Diameter 3/4
later Flow <6 L/min
Water pressure 0.1~0.4Mpa
Ozone generating method Corona discharge
Input voltage

Input: AC 100-240 V

Output: DC 12V 3A

External power supply <36 w
Operating Temperature 0°C_45°C

adaptet;hose;screws;bracket;screwdriver;instruction manual

Mounting Type Wall-mounting with bracket
Size Lx W x H 396mm X 260mm X 73mm
Product Weight 2.5 kg/pc
Box Dimension 470mmx145mmx340mm
Carton Dimension Box Dimension

ozone purify water filter

Magnetize water as pre- filter to soft the water

Kill 99.6%germs

Decontamination and purification

Smart & Low consumption

No pollution


ozone purify water filter

  • Are you dreaming washing your clothes with a lttle or without detergent?

  • Do you worry your foods such as vegetables, fruit, fish and meat are with bacteria, germs and insecticides?

  • Now , you don't need to worry anymore and achieve your dream just by opening the water tap . It is a sensible way to live healthier.

  • Using ozone activated water purifier in the laundry and kitchen, you can remove most of the unwanted substances in the water

Application: Kitchen

Food Sterilization

Foods are exposed to pathogenic bacteria, antibiotics, growth hormones and pesticides in the process of growing and packaging. At retailers where foods are purchased are exposed to bacteria from the hands of vendors and custom-ers. When fruits, vegetables, seafood and meat are placed in ozonated water, surface bacterium is killed. Harmful pesticides and herbicides are rendered useless making foods safer to eat.

Sterilize Utensils

Salmonella, E coli, and many other pathogensthat cause food poisoning can often be found on utensils and dishes especially while you are cooking. Washing utensils and dishes that are in contact with meat and vegetables with ozone water will eliminate many common food-borne pathogens and also prevent cross contamination from handling The operational cost for the production of ozone is minimal compared to your other expenses.

Application: Public areas such as school and hospital

Soap to wash hands? No need any more!

Ozonated water Natural Antibacterial

Washing hands with ordinary soap is effective but not as effective as washing with ozone water Soap gets rid of germs by making surface dirt and oils slippery enough to be rubbed and rinsed off while ozone water eradicates the germs. Ozone water is not only superior as a disinfectant but also works quicker and safer to our environment in compare to antibacterial soap, which contributes to the growing problem of drug- resistance germs.

Application: Other areas

Pets bathing

Use ozonated water to bathe and disinfect pets , it kills mold, bacteria , and to remove strong odors, makes the presence of animals hardly noticeable, and prevent growth of skin bacteria, and reduce flea breeding.


Ozonated water used for irrigation provides oxygen to the root making it free of virus,bacteria,fungi, seaweed spores and any other microor-ganisms and further promotes fast and steady growth with more aliveness as well as more productivity.

Cleaning floor

Ozonated water can be sprayed directly to the floor to wash it. Or use mop with ozonated water to clean the floor It provides residue-free performance for a longer lasting clean and low slip/fall hazard on even the smooth-est floors.

Application: laundry


With a little or without detergent for your washing machine!

>>Powerful cleaner and high efficiency

The use of ozone is a potential oxidizing and disinfecting agent. Almost any pathogen is afraid when ozone comes. Ozone is a biocide that can easily control odors, kill viruses and get rid of any bacteria up to a 99% in ozone laundry

>> Environment Friendly

No detergent, ozone is finally comes to oxygen means no any second pollution.

>> Ideal softeners

Traditionally, softeners are used to reduce static electricity. the use of ozone impede the formation of static electricity thus eliminating the need for softeners.

>> Saves hot water consumption

Normally laundry temperatures operations range from 60 to 75C. The use of ozone only need cold water the reduce of hot water consumption will save costs of your hot water bill. Furthermore, it will less damage your clothes.

ozone water purifier

How to install the appliance?

It is design to mount it on the wall. For each unit, wg offer accessories like: such as a wall-mounted metallic plate screws, a screw driver.

ozone water purifier

How to connect it into the pipes to get ozonated water?

Connect the water inlet of this appliance to the water supply faucet with the supplied hose

Connect the water outlet with your other hose for your different 


ozone water purifier

 BENEFITS of using ozone water purifier

  • Wash you meat and fish?

Kill bacteria remove coloring agent

  • Wash your vegetables and fruits?

Degrade pesticides Kill bacteria

  • Wash your hands?

7 Kill bacteria without detergent

  • Wash your face?

Kill bacteria no pimples

  • Wash your teeth?

Kill bacteria whiten your teeth

  • Wash your clothes?

Clean it without detergent

ozone water purifier

What is the technology and working PRINCIPLE?

This appliance introduces the permanent magnetic technology use the permanent magnetic material to soft the tap water;

And also introduces the ozone disinfection technology: adds the ozone to the water via a venturi and further mixs them by a static mixer to make sure appropriate gas-liquid mixing proportion.

ozone water purifier

Does Ozone really work?

Ozone is 2,000 times efficient than chlorine when used as a disinfectant. Ozone can destroy bacteria in seconds and can also remove odors.

The effect of ozone in water

ozone water for sterilization

colony count (10pc/L)

ozone cone (mg/L)

time (min)



















Ozone? Hey, it is new to me!

Ozone is a marvel of Nature. In the upper atmosphere Ozone protects our planet from harmful ultraviolet radiation. Closer to Earth, Ozone purifies and sanitizes the air we breathe, the water we drink, and food we eat. Long used in medical therapies, Ozone has shown remarkable antibacterial, anti-vi ral, and anti-fungal activity.

What is ozone exactly?

Ozone (03) is an unstable form of Oxygen (02) and has a total of three atoms, unlike stable Oxygen that has only two atoms. Ozone is the 2nd strongest known oxidiser and the most powerful readily available water sanitiser. It kills bacteria and viruses over 3,000 times faster and is a 50% stronger oxidiser than chlorine.

How does it work?

As ozone circulates and comes into contact with airborne (or waterborne) pathogens, one of the three oxygen atoms detaches itself from the Ozone molecule, attaches itsetf to the pollutant and oxidises it and turns it into a safer compound. Ozone is nature's way of cleaning our environ ment.

How to produce ozone?

Corona Discharge is the most popular way to produce ozone.

ozone water purifier

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